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Hmm it's been 2 years!!  I don't really do oekaki, cuz i changed and changed my mouse, now I'm using my track ball... Don't say I didn't try, but it just doesn't work out.  And my scanner is never hooked up... sooooo i'm just lazy...  One day... I'll just take pictures of my stuff instead... :-P  And I just got a 22" monitor, my god, I hope I could do something good with it... Other than work that is!!!
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I have created an account on Oekaki Central... Since I don't have time to sketch/scan/upload ... so i take the easy way out.  I submitted two oekakies on DA... not showing up.  Don't know if it's been too long... anyways they are here:……
When you don't plan anything and you don't sketch out the image, you would make mistakes.  And it's not surprising to find mistakes here and there in my latest colored pencil sketchs.  I personally like the one done on 12-26-2004 since it looked more realistic.  I like to draw more realistically, however it seems that I would ended up with more of a manga/anime look like the one done on 12-28-2004.  It is not neccessary bad, but I would consider this is a bad habit.  I never taken a formal drawing class especially for portraits, maybe it would help???  Any ideas?

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I have added CGs colored around 2000-2001.  I didn't do much after that since Oekaki took over for a year or so.  Therefore no CGs were produced after 2001. :(  I will update with more recent sketches in the future. :)
Happy New Year!  
Added another batch of old CGs from 1998-1999.  Once I get the old stuff up, I will scan the recent stuff....
So, stay tuned!
I have added some old CGs that I recovered from the year 1996-1998.  I will add more later.
I will try to link them with the old sketch, and add pointers for coloring.
I was browsing and found a link to this site:
Art Renewal Center

To my surprise, it has quite a lot images by Pierre-Paul Prudhon:…

And not too surprise, a LOT by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema:…

Please check them out, you won't be disappointed!  :-D
The second batch of oekakis are up.  I have no more to upload... except for the crappy ones... .____.;;;
I will be traveling for a while, so don't have time to scan stuff....
First batch of oekakis drawn about 2 years ago?  I have not done any since... and only have a few more to upload next time.... .__.  Guess I should start drawing soon.
I finally uploaded all my selected sketches.  It will take me quite a while to upload my CGs... so maybe I will start with old oekakies some time soon.  Thanks for looking!!!  Thanks for commenting too!  :bow:
I just wanted to share some of my old sketches.  They are old since I don't have any recent drawings to show.  Hopefully I will get around to draw some. :)
Uploaded so far are from things before 1999.