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Midgard Serpent

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...nice, excellent composition -- got ta' love sea creatures, especially when they look this good.

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Me encanta. Es soberbio ese toque rojo de las puas tan intenso al principio que se va difuminando con la distancia da sensacion de profundidad.
Conseguidisima la impresion de que se mueve en mitad de una borrasca donde la visibilidad se pierde. Maginifico
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Interesting design! It looks more crocodilian than serpentine, which is awesome. Love the way the water appears as it surges up to the surface.
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Wow!! Very scary. Love it
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So amazing and so eerie!! Marvelous work!
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Epic! I love the Norse Mythology
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Beautiful picture ! ^^
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Holy shit on a stick this is freaking amazing, just imagining it swimming in the seas for real gives me the heebie-jeebies... And at the same time I kind of wish I could see it in real life. And you did it through digital means, too? Wow... I can't even dream of coming this close to such talent!
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very ominous looking!
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Thor! Odinson! Protector of mankind! Ride to meet your fate, destiny awaits! Thor, Odinson! Protector of mankind! ride to meet your fate! Ragnarok awaits!
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Really NICE, thanks
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Nice dragon very epic.
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Amazing - is this supposed to be the Midgardserpent?! Because it looks that huge...
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