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Lost World

Welcome to the lost world.
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if you want since I will have Bayonyx in my Unknown Island film project, I will make a scene in the film that basically looks like this
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WOW we deserve a new lost world with a scene like that and I wish the 1998 film was totally like this
wow look at suicide homeboy at the top lol. 
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Wow that's so stunning & enchanting! Marvelous details :clap: !
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Goodness, that's aiming a little bit too high as quarry, isn't it you warriors? They really do look tiny compared to this titanic raptor. The fog of the swamp really adds to the menace of it.

I am a little confused by the perspective of the red cloaked gentleman. Not quite sure if he's supposed to be closer to the viewpoint or his comrades are smaller than him.

Otherwise, very atmospheric and good attention to texture and values
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Love the dinosaur design and the environment here!

If you're referring to the book with A.C Doyle, it is awesome. It's like Jurassic Park, but set in an era where the guns didn't fire full-auto, where there was more chance of you dying and where the men had ridiculously massive beards.
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Very cool I really like your dinosaur design, the environment you presented, the humans you must look closely to see, etc. Did you design this species to be something new, or is it one known to science?
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utterly incredible, environment, concept
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Dinosaur spotting is indicative of success in locating the  lost world every time! Bravo to the bold and stupid men fighting it! Good job on this paining; I can almost feel the humidity.
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Whoa... this looks awesome :D
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Brilliant and awesome piece! But I my confess;), although I really like the Spinosauridae, :):) mostly I love the environment with the wild jungle atmosphere you captured very well.:D
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I appreciate your comment. ;)
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You're very welcome.:):) Keep up the good work and in creating wild, jungle scences. If an awesome creature will be here and there it will be more awesome.:):)
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LOVE DINOSAURS! Cool concept
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very cool scene, and great dinosaur! Is it a fictional dino?
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Yeah is a fictional dinosaur.
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amazing, what talent.
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Just incredibly epic! :dummy:
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I'm glad you like it!
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