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Jerusalem 1119

Illustration commissioned for Holocubierta.…
Jerusalem 1119 is a RPG and this illustration is the cover.

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We go too spread his word and defend the holy land! Deus Vult!
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really great artwork !! but why 1119 ?
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Nice illustration, actually my home town has an altar built by veterans of the Crusades, they came back to Ireland and built a local chapel for the Knights Templar.
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This looks so great :O 00 , amazing artwork !
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Nice work!
Racist scumbags 'Britain First' have stolen it for their fake 'Knights Templar International' facebook page though...…
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Nothing racist about Britain first. Europe for Europeans
The Crusades were begun in 1095 as the response by Pope Urban II and the knights and nobles of Europe to the plea for help by the Greek Emperor Alexios I —

The authors of Islam invented a connection to Jerusalem by pretending Muhammad traveled to that city on a magical flying donkey on a “night flight.” Muhammad died in AD 632. Qur'an 17:1 claims Muhammad made this journey to a Jerusalem mosque that was built in AD 691
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Amazing work!
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Crusaders :: A shameful history of the Christian Era
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First of all, thanks for sharing the video. But it's the  fact, that when the Europeans revolted - it was considered the Holy War. In which Crusaders did the samething as the Islamic Crusaders and this gave a bad identity to the Christians followers.
For more, please watch this one -
However I'm also a Christian - thats why I expressed. No hard feelings.
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This really, really needs a DD. 
Excellent work!!!
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WOW! That's massive. Is he the last survival ?
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A great work you have done on colors ...I'm impressed!
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One of the most impressive artworks I've ever seen.
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Thank you, I'm very happy that you like it!
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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You're welcome.
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