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Here's a blue dragon.
Take care.…
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Great work, the colors are so pretty. May I use for a wiki page? I'll give credit :)
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just a what might sound like a weird question , everyone says dragons in
truth dont exist. but if you look around the world to every established
colony or group of people, have you noticed that in some way all around
the world , each and every one of them have something or some version
of a dragon. so fantasy or  shared memory? just something to think about
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It's either just because the idea of the dragon originated somewhere and then spread on a global scale, or there is something utterly massive that we have yet to remember.

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I would like to use this image in my mobile game, how would this work out?
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may i have the permission to use this in my android game that i am developing ?? Thanks
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Very beautiful work.
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This looks amazing
Nice, I'm lovin' it
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I'm a little late, since this artwork was submitted years ago... :-p
But I would like to say that this dragon amazed me!!
Just added to my Favorites.. ;)
Compliments!!! Your gallery is awesome!! :)
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Gran trabajo! La parte de arriba de la cabeza (el hocico y la cara) te ha quedado muy bien; Los detalles y sus respectivas sombras (escamas, cuerno frontal y ojo), sumados a la iluminación general bien dirigida (con diferentes tonalidades en los brillos y buenos difuminados) y un buen trabajo en su volumen, hacen que casi parezca una foto. Lástima que el resto de la cabeza y cuello no tenga el mismo nivel de detalle, te habría quedado brutal! Aún así, enhorabuena (está bien parido!).

Interesante galería; Tienes cosillas buenas (y tus dragones molan!).

Wow... Can I use this amazing concept for a crowfounding campaign about my book?
It is perfect for the preview image!
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wish I could do that
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siiiiii otro dragon!
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