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Denise at Chess Club
After the long school day, teacher Denise Miller had to stay on more to oversee the school’s chess club. She was ready to go home and get out of her professional blouse, skirt, heels, and panty hose so she could relax. Denise sponsored the Chess Club even though she herself never cared too much about the game. However, the club was in danger of dissolution so she stepped in to make sure that it would endure. She enjoyed helping these kids who invariably were amongst the most nerdy and bullied in the school. This club was a sanctuary for them.
Take the president Bernadette, Bernie to her friends, that cleared the room often playing two people at once to teach them the game. She was not the best player, but she was assertive and welcoming as the face of the club. Daughter of an American man proud of his Scottish ancestry and Brazilian Mother, she fit into the club with her Harry Potter t-shirts and glasses. She’d wear plaid skirts with her family’s tartan pattern. She s
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 19 4
Lizett Baskerville's Valentine's Day
Lizett Baskerville walked into the Grandhote in all her gothic splendor. She had long, flowing pink hair, and a black witch hat atop it. She wore a black dress with a purple bow around her neck. She had silver cross earrings adorn her ears, and comfortable leather boots clicked as she traversed the tile floor.
Her maid Vektoria pulled Liz’s luggage behind her in a large bag. The British witch was glad she turned that boy Vektor into a perfect servant for herself. She loved to take along her formally arrogant victims out into the world to display. While she knew that the maid and frog could not vocalize it, they squirmed mentally as others stared and treated them like their new forms.
To the witch's dismay, her emerald eyes did not spy a mocha skin Brazilian woman behind the reception counter like she hoped. She wanted to see her dream girl, Martha more than anything, enough to travel from England to Switzerland. The British witch had a crush on the human turned genie. Martha usua
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 9 4
Lily's Christmas
A young girl named Lily, with her red hair in curls, plays with her new toys brought by Santa on a snowy Christmas day. Her parents prepare dinner as she plays with her toys under the bright Christmas tree. She sipped on hot cocoa as she moved and gives her dolls life. A warm, welcoming feast await their guests. Candlelight illuminates a spread of warm food. The fine china awaits the occupants.
Some of the family have already visited, but Lily is the lone child. She would greet her family, listen to their comments about how much she’s grown, but then she returns to her toys. A knock at the door interrupts her playtime. She looks at it, hoping it was the one person she hoped to see tonight.
“Lily! We have a special guest at the door.” Her mother called. Lily rushed to the door, and despite the cold her eyes brightens when she sees the man in the doorway.
He wears a thick coat and boots for the weather and a large back in his gloved hands. He steps in so he could close
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 12 2
Three Witches
Three figures walked down the streets full of Halloween decorations and trick’r’treaters. Lights of the city lit their path, screeching and honking cars echoed. Distant sirens are heard as emergency services zip from one disaster to another. People in costumes both cheap and well-designed walked around them. The rain fell gently upon their faded, hooded cloaks. One wore red, the other green the cloaks shadowed their faces and covered their body, save for what little could be seen between the hems.
An unusual sight, but most people didn’t ask questions. The cloaks concealed their frame and hair, faces only visible from the front. Even then, all but their eyes were covered by a front cloth mask over their nose and mouth. The red cloaked woman had a cross on her mask, the green cloaked one had a chrysanthemum emblem. Another with a black robe followed close behind. She had a mask like the other two, hers had a hypnotic swirl emblem. However, no one batted an eyelash at t
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 17 4
Fire Fist: Resurgence! An Underground Tournament!
In an overgrown ghost town in rural Japan, a large group of rich socialites filed in. Many suited Yakuza representatives transported them to several secret entrances to the same destination. While the Yakuza normally avoided such places, this one had an experimental nuclear fallout bunker for the region. What was once a Cold War bunker has been turned into a large fighting arena, and comfortable place to watch fights.
The arrangement was a concrete circle, fifty feet across. It was surrounded by an 8-foot gap with 6 feet of water to catch people in the ring out, and a ten-foot-tall wall to protect. The audience were packed around it. Lights overhead gave the arena studio lighting. The Yakuza boss and his honored guest of course had a booth overlooking it all. Opposite to that was a big screen that had the tournament bracket.
The Yakuza Oyabun, Satsuma Tsuyoshi, imagined this grand tournament vision to attract gamblers and search a worthy opponent to test his own fighting prowess in his
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 4 0
Black Widow of the Sea
A sloop sailed the open sea with the wind in its sails the sky as clear as the unbroken ocean beneath it. This small ten man crewed ship though was as feared as a ship of the line despite its smaller size and only 24 cannons. Armor made of giant spider webs that weaved over the sides and made up a parapet style defense on the sides,, and stretched between the two masts and the deck tracing around the cannons and to the bow. It was the Black Widow, a pirate ship all of those on the sea feared. This Golden Age of Exploration led to the Golden Age of Empire, which in turn led to the Golden Age of Piracy.  A Jolly Roger flew on the mast, black with a red hourglass like the ship’s namesake.
The unbroken horizon that lay before the ship was penetrated by distant plume of smoke. The crow’s nest spotted it, and he shouted down to First Mate Mr. Squid at the wheel. The tall, barrel chested man had a pale bald head like his namesake. Mr. Squid made for a good first mate settling
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 9 9
Never Had A Friend Like Me-rmaid (PDF Download) by manymasksmanyfaces Never Had A Friend Like Me-rmaid (PDF Download) :iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 15 2
Mature content
The Hunt (edited slightly 1/6/19) :iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 11 5
Guilty Pleasure by manymasksmanyfaces Guilty Pleasure :iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 8 2
Sasha's New Circus part 5
Detective Adriana drives her sister officer Erica and herself to investigate the disappearance cases at the last known location- the tucked away old abandoned carnival site in the forested foothills of the mountain town. The location is condemned but often it's a place for dares, ghost hunters, and thrill seekers. It's history of disappearances leaves it condemned, but because of its location in private property from a rich guy off somewhere else they couldn't just burn it down. Additionally, there is the ecological concern with the forest. It's sits on the back burner until now the social media generation is into it and predictably problems are arising.
The mayor of the mountainside town didn't want to wait for the word to get out while they wait for word back, many jobs were on the line. Adriana is surprised she got paired with her. It took some doing, but the departments get enough probable cause enough to get a warrant and attempts to contact the property owner failed.
The two poli
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 15 12
Saint Patty Day Morning After
The apartment was dark as all the lights were off and the curtains were shut. The only light came from the TV cycling a slideshow of Netflix originals as it was in standby mode. The room smelt like cold pizza, stale beer, and regrets.
The three inhabitants slept in their outfits from the night before that the fourth member who presently was in the bathroom designed. All four sported elfin ears that naturally came to a point that complimented their fair, fae-ish forms. They all had shades of brown hair ruffled from the night before thanks to sleep and their hats. The fourth inhabitant, Hayden, opened the bathroom door as he stumbled back into the room. His stomach churned as the snoring of his three companions greeted him.
Things were a lot less glamorous and adorable now that the merriment ended and left them with the aftermath on March 18th. Hayden looks to the couch to see Will and Claire tangled together and sleeping; then glanced down to see Aaron on the floor stumbling over with h
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 6 0
Maid Manor chapter 4
Murasaki's sleep was restless. She squirmed under the sheets, restless as the clothes she wore when retrieved from the forest shifted. She could not see the glow of the clothes in her closet and how a bra, panties, and a nightie that floated to her like it was possessed by ghosts. They slid under the sheets and onto the clothed body of the girl. They slipped on, disintegrating any other clothing in their way that left only the lacy underwear that was silky and comfy, and the nightie completed the ensemble to make her decent now in her new form. Her well built body made the clothing adjust, but they fitted on perfectly. Mura's sleep eased.
Mura awoke to the scratchy sound of a phonograph playing music peaceful Koto music. She recognized the classic song, "Cherry Blossoms." The rhythmic scratch of the needle as the record played added to the song. The music soothed her, the old phonograph powered by a battery. She felt she felt the heat of a fire and it was close, like a portable urn was
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 11 0
Mysterious Maid Manor part 3
Thomas soldiered through the rain as he tracked Shizu down. He pulled his raincoat closer. The wind picked up. It blew the rain through every gap in the raincoat making his clothes underneath wetter. This just fueled his mounting anger. Since he saw the flame again, he felt even more off than before. Not only did strands of hair cover his eyes forcing him to put them behind his ears, a difficult task while furious. His well-built chest gained some flab, undesired fat that undermined all his hard fight to keep in shape despite his work and age. His imagination ran wild over whether the fatty development could be a herald of something else. He gulped as his Adam's apple smoothed down, raising his voice an awkward octave.
Thomas didn’t know how much more of this he could take! He was a simple, English teacher, a stranger in a land that he knew from afar but living here was so much more enlightening! He missed his students faces, and the look of learning. He felt betrayed by the
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 15 2
Mysterious Maid Manor part 2
Thomas woke up groggily in the soft sheets that reminded him of a hotel spa. His blurry vision adjusted to the morning. He was still in the unfamiliar yet comfy bed, and rainfall sang outside though less intense than yesterday. He’s heard of summer showers, but this is ridiculous! It was fall! He reached to the nightstand. His cell phone was beside the bed, so were his glasses. His nearsighted eyes helped him see them, but he couldn’t see to the other side of the room. While he reached, he noticed the smell of incenses of ginger and lavender in the room.
Thomas sat up in bed and put his glasses on. He checked his phone which, of course, is dead. Even better he couldn’t find a single power outlet, can’t have things too easy. He noted as he slipped back on his boxers under the sheets. He noted that the lilac bathrobe he wore to bed as a bit more comfortable this morning. Maybe he was used to it now. He got up wondering to himself, ‘Wait… how did I take
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 13 4
The Pirate and the Knight (bday gift)
In a secret place, an alliance of convenience passes time on an island with a lighthouse. The lighthouse overlooks a peaceful lagoon where the two inhabitants do as they please in the lull time. One trains in martial disciplines on the calm beach, the other rests on the three-mast ship flying a Jolly Roger.
Cliff, the warrior on the beach, strikes at training dummies in a training Gi emblazoned with his emblems. He refines on his Muay Thai techniques. His hybrid of knightly and samurai armor rested in a shrine nearby sitting upon a stand. It’s plate strongly resists blade and magic, and fit him comfortably. His armor, grieves, chest plate, shoulder pads, and the gambeson undershirt could withstand all but the most powerful of enemy ill intent. Green and gold trim regal with a golden pin with the Cross emblem holds the jerkin together. 
 Resting beside the armor was His pensword, a powerful artifact that is the embodiment of creation. It could unleash mighty po
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 5 0
The Toy Box: A New Act (animate, inanimate tf)
 In a mall in everyday USA, The Toy Box store springs up overnight back in 2013. There are few Christmas decorations over the years, but it still has the aura of Christmas embodying Babes in Toyland. Every year it expands. The store now has four store fronts and two kiosks in front of it. This allows it to pack more and more aisles of unique toys that you likely couldn't find too many other places, and they never run totally out of stock. They also accommodate every single charity imaginable as if they were the sister location for Santa's workshop.
The place is only open Black Friday to Christmas Eve, and anyone that works in the Toy Box raves about it is the best employer they’ve ever had. They always come back every year to be a helper, cashier, or to be a restocker are just so many things because every single employee dresses up in costume, volunteers included. Many describe their time there as if working in a dream. Every employee is very tightlipped about the secrets of
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 25 5


059 -  (Adventurer) Golden Jackal Ranger by Mythka 059 - (Adventurer) Golden Jackal Ranger :iconmythka:Mythka 38 3 The Newest Addition: TF TG Quickie Caption by Miss-Paintables The Newest Addition: TF TG Quickie Caption :iconmiss-paintables:Miss-Paintables 21 0 Princess Koopa by ShinyTB
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Princess Koopa :iconshinytb:ShinyTB 13 0
Sabrina / Natsume by Redjet00 Sabrina / Natsume :iconredjet00:Redjet00 243 15 Spell 101 Gallery Gulag by AbbySorceressforhire Spell 101 Gallery Gulag :iconabbysorceressforhire:AbbySorceressforhire 14 17 Honey Bee Claire by GabrielRaven Honey Bee Claire :icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 37 8 Trickster 3 by Kate-FoX
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Trickster 3 :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 1,702 28
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Hey, I'm going to right you a critique today! This piece, oh this piece, it speaks to me. It looks like something in a good animated sh...

I showed this to a friend and he said this is proof a Zelda tv show be it anime or not can be done. One thing I like about Zelda is tha...


Just looking at the picture and not the profile as if I am seeing a book's cover, I am intrigued. The art style reminds me of Nicktoons...

Very nice! The background is a little hazy, but what is important is the foreground. I like the detailing on the dress from the ruffles...


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A word is worth 1000 pictures
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Never underestimate the power of the written word.

I need to do these more. So, I want to get the bad news out of the way and it won't affect too many of you I think, but I hate to announce that after at this point years of battling with myself to continue with Arin the Genie stories or restart it with refinements I think I might retire the series. It was a good first attempt at what I was trying to do, but I was writing by the seat of my pants and I did it back when I was first coming into writing so I made many mistakes that are hard to take back. Furthermore, when I imagined rewriting the tale, I felt it detracted from Arin as a character and my thoughts for her with my ideas I had. Furthermore, I might get some disagreements for this but I feel that as I wrote more for Arin that she has become more and more of a better secondary character than a primary one. I feel I've grown more as a writer since then, and I will keep the stories up as a time capsule almost and for the fans who enjoy them. I need to go and archive several of my stories in their own personal section.

However, there is a silver lining in this. I will not retire Arin herself. She can make cameos and might even be a secondary character in another idea I have involving genies. Fans of Arin, do not be disheartened! I still love the red head genie, I don't want to leave her in the shadows. However, going around in circles as I try to do something with her does just that.

Furthermore, while real life is dragging onto me and will certainly for the rest of spring which is easily my most unproductive writing time, I have several projects that I've been working on that I have in the editing phase. I have the next chapter of Sasha's new Circus for fans of that in final editing stages, it should be out within a week or two.

I'll take the time to acknowledge those who've helped me proofread:

* :iconmidnight-nightscape: who is a friend of mine IRL and a great resource for editing because he gives it to you straight and dirty. He has an eye for writing and a hawk eye for editing as well. If you don't mind being raked across the coals, things are good.

* :iconthe-knight-writer: has been a great help for many things, and there are too many to list here as that can be a journal in and of itself, and is a great friend who gives me several shout outs and I am reciprocating! :)

* :iconpsychoboy07: has been a great help with the next chapter of Sasha's New Circus to refine it to a final draft. Because it is a collaboration with :icontf-circus: I will share the final draft for final approval with them before I publish. It's a new thing I'm trying to do more, and self-editing is a good skill but having more pairs of eyes on something to make it the most polished product I can.

* :iconhippo2: has also been a great help reading my stream of conscious drivel and helping point out errors and issues as well as giving advice on planning and helping me brainstorm.

Finally, while I want to complete my commitments to those who've I made them to, I want to do a few passion projects that maybe, just maybe, will be something that could become something more than writing on deviant art for a hobby. Also, I would love to see what I can do with scripts for ASMR roleplay youtubers. I have a few ideas I need to write out, and if I send them to a ASMR person and it gets turned into a video I will link it.

My beloved watchers and followers, thank you for your patience with my long writing times. I've been trying to decrease the gap between writing something and putting it on deviant art as refined as it can be.



Hello :)
Thu Feb 28, 2019, 4:51 PM
Tue Oct 23, 2018, 12:34 PM

What's your favorite story of mine? 

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