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If you join Deviantart only to stalk people, writing oh-so-clever messages such as "you're a fag" or "kill yourself" without submitting a single artwork, then something went wrong with your development.
My friend and I worked on this comedy skit for the Channel Awesome Audition competition.…

For those who don't know, Channel Awesome is the home of the Nostalgia Critic, the Cinema Snob, Film Brain, the Blockbuster Buster and a host of other very entertaining reviewers.
The Orion's Arm Project's second anthology has finally been released.…

How many Heisenbergs would you need to make one Smaug?

In the episode of Breaking Bad entitled "Ozymandias" (aka The Greatest Fifty Minutes in Television History), it was revealed that Walter White's buried stash of drug money amounted to US $80 million.…

On the Forbes website for their annual "Fictional 15" list, it was estimated that the hoard of Smaug the Dragon (from JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit) amounted to US $62 billion dollars.…

Divide 62 billion by 80 million, and you get 775.  So Smaug is 775 times as wealthy as Walter White.

I don't recall any mention of blue crystals in Smaug's hoard

Fellow Orion's Arm member and author Kevin Schillo is looking for donations for his "Support Fusion Propulsion Research" campaign.  Contributors who donate $7 (US) or above will receive an ebook copy of "Against a Diamond Sky", the Orion's Arm anthology that features stories by Kevin Schillo, Michele Dutcher, Steve Bowers, Graham Hopgood and yours truly.  

If you want to support the future of space travel, here is the website:

Be quick, because there are only two days before the project closes.
Issue 20 of Voices: Future Tense has been released.  Once you click this , the first thing you should see is the cover art for the present edition of our ezine.  For the next few months, this would be my digital artwork, "The Chamber of Judgement".  This image is the setting for my latest short story "One Sick Puppy", which is also featured on Future Tense:…  Also featured is an extract from my latest novelette "The Immortalist"… , which will soon be included in the second Orion's Arm anthology coming out in 2013.

Speaking of which, some of the older Orion's Arm stories will be included in the new anthology.  You now have the opportunity to vote for the ones you feel most worthy of inclusion.  Just go to the announcement page… and read as many of the linked stories as possible (most of them are quite short).  Then go to the survey page… and rate the stories from favourite to least favourite.

There is a similar option for the Cover Art Contest.…
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A while ago I bought the special edition of SFX Magazine featuring "The Top 100 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movies of All Time".  I wasn't too surprised with most of the results.  I'm pleased to see that Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park and The Fifth Element have passed the test of time.  However, while they have included such non-supernatural horror classics as The Birds and Halloween (the original, of course), there's no sign of Psycho, Jaws, or The Silence of the Lambs.  What's up with that?
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The story in which the Queen of Pain made her debut has been translated into Russian on Samizdat (

Here's the English translation of the Russian Translation.…

As you can see, the Russian title translates as "Immortal Penalty", which is quite appropriate given the plot.

My Orion's Arm serial "Initiation" (which also features the Queen - oops, She Who Must Not Be Named) has also been translated on Samizdat.…
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Here's another response to The Story That Shall Not Be Named.…

I particularly like the "criticism" that accuses me of having "too much thinking time" for that story.  That's right, "too much thinking time" for a 15,500 word novelette.  Gee, where does that put Lord of the Rings?

When I started writing that story, it was 2 years after 9/11 and nearly a year after the Bali Bombing.  So if you want to blame someone for the Queen of Pain, blame the terrorists.
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As I have stated on my Facebook page, The Story That Shall Not Be Named continues to divide opinions on the net.
Here are two examples:……

To be fair, I wrote the story in 2003, at a time when I was more spontaneous.
There's little more than three weeks left before the Orion's Arm Short Fiction Contest closes.…

If you can write a decent short story set in the Orion's Arm universe in the time you have left, by all means give it a go.

I am presently writing a novelette that features these two characters: