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muito interessante gostei dos traços orientais utilizados neste desenho
InvertedFace's avatar
She looks proud :)
quamp's avatar
*Gets slapped*

Very nice work overall. Good detail on her face and breasts.
However... it looks a bit weird that she doesn't have fingernails though. (I know, I know. hands are such a pain to draw...)
PhantomHourglass's avatar
"Press here to continue"
nejo233's avatar
luv this 1...simply breathtaking :)
ozwick's avatar
She is lovely!
Maxamillion2009's avatar
I can't tell... Fake or real?
robofrost's avatar
such a lovely set, simple cute face yup def nice color to
johnathan-katz's avatar
The back pain O_<
But hot and sexy :D
Sakieru's avatar
Love her Face.... oh, her boobs too O///O
jahwan's avatar
iba talaga kpag hahaha :D

galing galing!

NATH-AYB's avatar
Darma111's avatar
jadex41's avatar
A yummy treat:)
Abraham26's avatar
I agree with the boo...very good facial stuff :) GREAT emotion :)
DarthVengeance0325's avatar
She's quite lovely, friend. She's also surprisingly similar in appearance to a character of mine... maybe I could commission you sometime?
zilvergrafix's avatar
mmmh! yummi yummi!!
Nice work Manyakis, or should I say MIKEINEL!? :la:!
tisinrei's avatar
this picture is very beautiful and impressive! beyond the squeezing effects, it would be nice a little milk. :D

about the picture, I liked the colors used (mainly the color of the face and her hair), the effects of shading and lighting (especially the highlight from the facial expressions and her magnificent curves of her boobs) and textures used both face and her hair, and especially in her beautiful breasts (the textures were very nice).

about the character, I really liked her face, her facial expression, her red hair and her mouth were very nice and nice. Her pose is very attractive/sexy (the squezzing effects was very good). but the best detail is surely her boobs, they were really great! besides being very well made, they are incredibly detailed and looks really realistic and very sexy (and their size is perfect). would be nice to see these beautiful breasts covered with milk. =p

i loved very much to have added/:+fav: this pic to my collection. surely the best ecchi pic I have added.

wonderful job man.

ps: just a suggestion, if you allow me:): just increase the squezzing effects netx, surely had been much nicer. :)
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