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PS3 x Move

Another fanart of :iconmikeinel:'s console girls.

An uncut version is available in my Hentai-Foundry account
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no WONDER these two looked soo familiar.
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wow this is good how long did it take u?
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Super ultra HOT!YURI FOREVER!!!
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Wow have to compliment to your amazing skills when it comes to drawing the Console girls out though, damn one more reason why you'd never want to leave your game system?

Love the idea of the interaction connection between the two and hats off to say the least for showing the way these two will connect with each other, ol.

Anyase another thumbs up on the posing of this image, really thinking of a teasing and naughty way to show the most bust and best angle to see two consoles getting along, bless you Manyakis.

Oh and smooth work on those coloring and shading work here, you get a great sense of light and the shine you add is like icing on the cake, brilliant work Manyakis.

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Fantastic! finally a new great work of you. i like this version even more then the adult one, keep making this stuff your incredibly good!
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lol ayus ser! :drool:
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lol ayus ser! :drool:
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Come on! That :iconmikeinel: clown isn't half the artist you are! Why bother doing fan art of his stuff?
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I like his stuffs.
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Ahahahaha!!! bigla ako natawa! :rofl:
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*no comment* XD
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