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Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far. :)

We are hosting a giveaway on our Discord server. Three people will each win 100 :points: !
Here's the link to join:


I have also moved the daily submission limit from two (2) to three (3)! However, submissions to the "Featured" folder will now be picky since people were taking advantage of submitting all of their adopts to the featured folder. (We used to accept any contributions to the featured folder as long as it was an adopt or YCH, but people had to ruin it for everyone else.)
To be accepted into the "Featured" folder your submission MUST: Be an adoptable/YCH/commission journal or price sheet, have "Open" or "closed" in the title, and be an adopt/YCH/artist open for commisisons that looks trustworthy, hard working, and deserved their submission in "Featured"
This is subject to be tweaked as we go along. My fiance (co-founder) and I are still discussing whether or not to accept non-adoptable things such as people selling toyhouse codes, etc. Let me know what you guys think!

Remember to be kind to each other, we're all human and make honest mistakes!~
Also remember to drink plenty of water :D :heart:
-Ibuki (huskyhiccups)

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