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Fighting Style/Skills(s):
Gemstone Dragon Ghostly Style Ninjutsu:
The Gemstone Style of Ninjutsu  is a secretive martial art taught to the members of the Tish Sho Bang This martial art is known as the greatest martial art in existence because of many factors. One of the main reasons stems from how this fighting style uses a latent energy that all members of the Tish Sho Bang have: ki. Ki is a type of energy that allows a Warrior of the Tish Sho Bang to harness their physical and mental prowess to perform superhuman godlike feats,& abilities to unleash devastating to havoc unleashing attacks at an nigh-biblical scale... Using their fighting style is very taxing on the mind and body, forcing its users to undergo very harsh & merciless spiritual physical and mental training. This training grants them spiritual, physical and mental abilities that are far above-average, even without the use of ki. It become little wounder why this martial art becomes so lethal when something like ki is combined with their already near-godlike spirutal, mental and physical prowess. 
As a whole, there are over 200 katas  & 999 forms of this fighting style which revolves around the effective evasion and counteraction of enemy offenses. The key principle of this form of fighting is that the user is never to take the "first move" and is to always react with swiftness, strength, and deadly accuracy. For example, should an opponent rush the fighter with a simple punch, he would rely upon his body's natural speed in order to avoid the strike and counterattack; typically aiming for one of the more sensitive or vital areas on the body in order to quickly cripple & disable the opponent.

Gemstone Dragon Elemental Breaking Style Ninjutsu:
An strong & potent style of Ninjutsu in which several founders known as the 20 white phoenixes of the Gemstone Clames believed that kata forms and martial art forms of this style were meant to have one's soul & spirit unleash destructive blows without even touching the target without mercy. The head elder had demonstrated that in order to "fully express oneself, one must"[This quote needs a citation] "have no limitations"[This quote needs a citation]  And must break all weakness, flaws & hardships in order to master & create such an powerful style of ninjutsu. His system was new, and included all possible forms of combats such as hard style punches, kicks palm strikes & throws to soft style sweeps, blocks, deflecting to defensive parrying & dodging techniques mixed with mostly armed combat involving bladed weapons that is more into the use of pure shurikenjutsu techniques and was often said to have fought using that style by allowing the user's spirit & mind to unleash destructive & uncanny fighting skills & attacks and it was often referred to it as "the art of the shiny soul"
Though in later training it becomes an combination of ninjutsu, omnyodo and kung fu, the user uses those combinations by first surrounding himself with ninja techniques This augments the strength of his physical attacks, making them more deadly. His speed and reflexes are also increased. Many different shinobi uses this fighting style as well, in a variety of ways.
the purpose of this advanced form which is to cause external damage and break bones though this form of fighting involves smashing your opponent and is generally used only by extremely physically powerful and dominating shinobi...

Golden Tiger Style Kung Fu:
Another Ninjutsu technique developed by the Shaolin Monastery It consists the user putting there hands out as if they have their claws out and use the tip of their fingers and finger nails to fight. Various movements and martial arts inspired combos can be performed, such as upperclaw combos, left/right claw combos and even abilities that can't be seen. User must have A-Rank chakra control to perform this technique however, neko-de, fighting claws to bladed fist weapons were used also for combative & training purposes..
The system "was modeled after the demeanor and fighting strategy of an attacking tiger. The striking movements are lightning fast, agile and powerful. Techniques of this form is mostly involves stomping, kicking, slashing, palm striking, joint locking, bone breaking,blocks,acrobatics,gymnastics ripping, tearing, clawing and grasping applications
Its movements are compared to a graceful yet, fierce & deadly tiger however, its destructive power is without equal and can slaughter enemies with its devastating slashing & hacking martial arts techniques. Unleashing such fighting techniques forces the martial artist to become one with the elements & become very powerful & strong in close combat for his body becomes an force of pure solar supernovas & the sun itself..

Ninjutsu was a strange style, hinging upon the use of many different weapons rather than relying srrierly on unarmed attacks or a single weapon. The early techniques began with the legendary Bayushi Aramoro. His art was a complex method of disabling an opponent with blinding speed, focusing upon removing the opponents ability to stage an effective counterattack.
Nhjutsu hinged on the principles of speed and accuracy over stamina and raw power. Ninja were trained to disable or even kill an opponent with several quick, unforeseen attacks, then fade away quickly. It placed less emphasis on timing than other combat forms and instead focused on spacing.

Abilities (s):

Golden Tiger Raging Thunderclap Kicks:
User cartwheels through the air with mana energy emanating from her feet before slamming her heel onto the target doing an split, afterwards, the user break dance kicks backs up & unleashes a barrage of electrical spinning, whirlwind tornado & arc kicks as he spins in a horizontal straight line across the screen. Afterwards he finishes them off with a final electrocuting kick then, the user unleashes another fierce jumping kick that unleashes an electrical & thunderstorm barrage of punches & kicks that ends with an barrage of powerful spinning & arc kicks, electrocuting & frying the target as she lands,spinning on the ground backwards before he runs back up and hits the opponent with a furious upward-flying energy charged kick that ends with a final, slightly prolonged electrocuting splitting heel drop kick which completely cripples & finishes off the target..

Golden Lightning Whirlwind Kick:
A series of spinning low kicks that ends with an spinning jump uppercut that leaves streaks of lightning which fries the target without mercy..

Rolling Golden Thunder Heel Drop:
performs a quick rolling axe kick that puts a lot of pressure onto the opponent, as the blow inflicts an powerful laceration upon either landing or when unleashing the pressure & force of mana..

Deadly Spinning Thunder God Heel Stomp:
An overhead spinning mana energy charged axe kick that leaves lightning streaks in it's destructive wake but can unleash either an stomp or an splitting axe kick which
unleashes towering columns of mana energy.

Enhanced Speed:
The power to possess speed enhanced beyond that of a normal member of the user's species. Sub-power of Enhanced Condition.

Supernatural Speed:
Users are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally faster over other beings in their universe because their capabilities are pushed far beyond the natural level, making them immensely faster than regular beings (in that verse).

Faster Body:
User has a body/bodily systems that are totally accelerated, making them faster and able to work quicker at the same amount of energy used. This allows one to heal and recover faster, as well as have enhanced strength, speed and reflexes as well as accelerated perceptions.

Speed Combat:
User is able to fight at incredible speed, striking their opponent in rapid succession that may even kill opponents instantly. Their attacks may cause more damage than normal due to gaining kinetic energy, and thus momentum, produced through the speed of each hit. If the speed is fast enough, it can distort space to bypass defenses.

Absolute Speed:
User can move at speeds that not even the most attuned of beings can grasp and outrun or avoid anything an opponent can use against the user. The user can move at infinite velocities, allowing user to surpass and perceive light speed movements and move at speeds that allow them to move past time and space itself.

Dimensional Travel:
The user can travel between different dimensions and universes, and cross over different planes of existence or travel across various forms of reality.

Slow Motion:
The user can move so fast that everything else appears to slow down or stop while the user moves normally.

Velocity Manipulation:
User can create, shape and manipulate the velocity of any moving object: the speed and direction an object is moving. They could simply move things around: by controlling their velocity, user could fly; cancel something's velocity, making it freeze where it is, even use velocity as a sort of force blast, blasting things away at high speeds.

Raging Death Fist:
Fei Long performs three punches in quick succession, complete with kiai (martial scream for each strike). The punches are in this order: a face-aimed jab with the leading fist, a stomach-aimed gut strike with the following fist and a chest-aimed backfist with the leading fist. If the full follow-up is performed, the backfist downs the foe, producing a different kiai from the first two hits.

Gemstone Manipulation:
The user can create, shape and manipulate gems, also called precious or semi-precious stones, fine gems, or jewels: natural or artificially produced minerals that have sufficient beauty and durability for use as a personal adornment.

Gem Mimicry:
User is made up of or can transform their body completely into crystal or crystalline substance. Users' transformed form is anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of crystal, in which case, it contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately, the user can transform into homogeneous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.

Crystal Manipulation:
User can use magic with/through crystals/gems, using them for various magical purposes like heal wounds, summon entities, creating a contract, impose/break seals, etc.

Crystal Manipulation:
The user can create, shape and manipulate crystals and crystalline materials: homogenous solids formed by a repeating, three-dimensional pattern of atoms, ions, or molecules and having fixed distances between constituent parts.

Liquid Crystal Manipulation:
User can create, shape and manipulate liquid crystals, which have properties of liquids and crystal solids.

Psychic Crystal Manipulation:
User can create, shape and manipulate psychic crystals, which can be used to crystallize undesirable thoughts and polish ideas and memories.

Gem Breaking Kick:
The user launches himself towards the opponent with a traditional flying dragon kick, tucking himself into a roll and which strikes with a forward somersaulting leg slam with his following leg all in one motion before unleashing 20 more rolling leg slams onto the target..

Golden Tiger Assaulting Slash:
The user attempts to hook his own leg with the opponent's; if successful, the hook allows him to flip over the opponent to the other side ("Over here!"). Right after landing on the other side, the user unleashes an flurry of violent & brutal claw slashes, palm strikes, claw back hands & finally an powerful roundhouse kick to the head from the other side...

Gem Crushing Assaulting Fist:
The user knocks the opponent into the air and delivers a savage assault of physical strikes, and finishes by unleashing an powerful double punch into the target midsection coupled with rapid barrage of backhands,punches & finally ending with an powerful dual palm strike which inflicts internal damage & random injuries based on the target's life force..

Gemstone Draconic Assault Fist:
The user says "Take this!" as he attacks the opponent with a barrage of claw swipes,slashes,palm strikes,backhands &slaps Then, he unleashes 5-10 hook kicks to somersault kicks on the opponent, following by an powerful rolling leg slam Finally, the user jumps into the air and knocks the opponent down with a powerful rolling axe kick inflicting a great amount of damage.

Gemstone Needle Drilling Kick:
The user lunges forward during the technique, spinning in a corkscrew manner with their feet leading towards the opponent, performing a short sliding kick along the ground as they land...

Golden Tiger Heart Snatching Slash:
The user launches a savage flurry of thrusting palm strikes & claw swipes which move faster than the eye can see, projecting an afterimage of the user possessing multiple to an massive flurry of powerful arms in which slice, cut, slash & lacerate anything it strikes..

Golden Tiger Claw :
The user plants a foot on the opponent and then performs a backflip kick. It can be used to strike from a distance.

Gem Dragon In Crushing Earth
The user violent makes five bone crunching punches at the target before ending with an powerful drilling drop kick..

Dragonstar Grenade Launcher:
Long ago, the Dragonstar Grenade Launcher is an kung fu technique created by several heirs to the Dragonstar Royal Throne & it was intended to be used to protect mankind but though forbiden due to it's controversy involving career-ending injuries & other dark effects but it was advised by the emperor to to train & practiced with caution but furthermore, this art takes years or even decades to fully master such an dreaded forbidden move but it's very clear that it is an immensely powerful art that is known in the wastelands of 
Kyofumeki whom ruled by an great kingdom ruled by the Dragonstar Royal Family called Despair Land as the kingdom is Despair Palace
To utilize it, the user curls his fingers and places both his hands together at chest level facing the same direction (so that the palm of one hand is on the back of the other). Then, once enough mana is gathered, he thrusts both hands forward to fire a powerful blast of energy. The result is a powerful, huge,spiraling & swirling, flaming rainbow beam of pure magic that emanates from his hands and body based on the user's life force, the blast will multiply into massive numbers at an global to an large scale transforming it into an force of an centillion flamethrowers that leaves explosion & destruction in it's fiery wake while the massed beams comes in many forms from surrounding to engulfing at an massive level if enough experience is gained to manipulate the blast to create other destructive blasts based on this attack from forms of Dragons & Wyverns to nuclear supernovas..
Once the destructive massed supernovas of the attack strikes the target that it can't slice, corrode & burn through, the central sphere of the technique detonates, producing a vortex of swirling flames ,nuclear energies & radiation in the immediate area. Within this vortex, countless microscopic razor mana blades are created, so many that even most Psionic and other great powers can't count them all.[10] The mana blades will corrode, burn & lacerate brutally, damaging anything within the vortex on a cellular level, attacking the inner energy reserves such as mana, ki, chi, & aura to such an extreme degree that no amount of medical means, clerical nor white magic can heal it. Doctors, Clerics & White Mages likens the damage to poison, and warns that if the damage is great enough, those affected by it won't be able to fight, use abilities, kung fu nor magic ever again..
However, due to it's controversial nature, it is an extremely powerful technique with enormously great force, creating large-scale damage and destruction in it's wrathful wake..

Mana Dragon Sphere:
After cupping both hands, the user creates a barrier with a large spiraling sphere of mana inside. The sphere will then split into five smaller versions. After which the user can launch the attack. If the attack collides with another attack, the barrier will take the damage, releasing the five spheres so the attack can continue its path. Upon contact, the spheres will disperse in a fairly enormously immense explosion.

Revenge Death Bomb:
The enormous, electrical sphere is comprised of the pure negative, dark-blue energy  however, the energy is evidently stored within Baby, and can be replicated (and possibly amplified) at any time after the initial energy is absorbed. The Revenge Death Bomb appears to be highly volatile as it will explode upon contact with anything, even the ground, making it unable to penetrate the surface of the Earth, is able to, though it can destroy a planet upon contact, if he chooses to use the full power of the blast...

Spray of Soul Thunder:
This art is formed by clasping both hands while gathering ki & mana. Then, the user unleashes hand signs together, forming a enormously massive orb of energy that emits sporadic bolts teal mana that shoot out in all direction. Finally, the user discharges a massively enormous spraying current-like blast of electrical mana energy with teal ki spraying & spewing around it towards his opponent.

Power Motion Force Wave:
This art is formed when cupped hands are drawn to the user's side and ki is concentrated into a single point (between their cupped hands). The hands are then thrust forward to shoot out a streaming, powerful spraying fireball volley which spirals towards the target, resulting in an planet sized explosion upon impact.

Color Body:
User is made up of or can transform their body completely into any color (including colors that can't be seen by the human eye). Users' transformed form is anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of color, in which case it, contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately, the user can transform into homogeneous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.

Rainbow Body:
User is made up of or can transform their body completely into rainbow. Users' transformed form is anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of rainbow, in which case it contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately, the user can transform into homogeneous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.

Rainbow Control:
User can create, shape and manipulate rainbows, an optical and meteorological phenomenon that is caused by both reflection and refraction of light in water droplets in the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky in the form of a multicolored arc. 

Asura Warp:
A short / long range teleport to either end of the screen.

Wind Demon Explosion:
The pressurized mana emitted from the slamming palms of the user creates a immense explosion of concentrated energy, which engulfs his opponent and heavily damages them.

Thunder Manipulation:
User of this ability can manipulate the shockwaves caused by lightning during a storm, known as thunder, to deal deadly and possibly concussive results. They can release thunder energy to make someone deaf by busting their eardrums, or even make organs burst, killing the opponent.

Divine Lightning  Manipulation:
The user can create, shape and manipulate holy lightning/electricity that's highly effective against the supernatural, such as demons and/or angels. The effectiveness, in question, can range from trapping and/or immobilizing to outright banishing or killing supernatural threats. Furthermore, divine lightning may have other properties and abilities, such as healing, Resurrection, summoning angels and/or spirits of the deceased from Heaven to the material plane.

Death Electricity Manipulation:
User can create, shape and manipulate death electricity; lightning capable of destroying/weakening/removing life. This allows them to not only destroy and erase life with the electricity, but it also allows them to possibly mutilate or even destroy the souls of any living person.

Godly Lightning Manipulation:
The user has control over lightning that can be only used by deities which has been mostly used by sky/storm/thunder deities to fulfill various feats. It is so powerful that it can also be used to harm even a deity. By wielding this form of lightning, the user may transcend into a deity themselves.

Rainbow Lightning Manipulation:
The user can create and/or manipulate lightning with either many bolts of varying colors with each color having there own different capabilities, or a single multicolored bolt that has either multiple capabilities or a single but very powerful ability.

Storm Manipulation:
User can sense, create, shape and manipulate storms, including strong wind, hail, thunder and/or lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), strong winds (tropical cyclone, windstorm), or wind transporting substance through the atmosphere as in a dust storm, blizzard, sandstorm, etc.
Fire Dragon Legs:
The user ignites their feet with a very large flame, in order to increase the power of their kicks. Not only that, but it is able utilize the flames on feet not only with simple physical attacks; the user is able to attack the target with a flame line released from the leg,

Fire God Soul Release:
User charges up flaming energies & creates multiple clones from the users' flames, creating an field of flammable fire winds that ignites to cause an immense explosion of pyric force at the user's willpower..

Sun Dragon Legs:
The user ignites their feet with a very large force of solar energy, in order to increase the power of their kicks. Not only that, but it is able utilize the flames on feet not only with simple physical attacks; the user is able to attack the target with a slashing flame line released from the leg,

Sun Dragon God Soul Release:
User meditates & creates multiple clones of solar energy constructs, it's flash & glow of it's solar explosion of deadly, & brutal waves of corrosive energies that will melt through anything, creating flammable solar spores that sets off like an tactical nuke to anyone that comes near, instantly burning all that opposes the user..

Fire Dragon God Fist:
User engulfs their fist in flames and then punches their opponent. Despite being very simple action, this spell causes heavy blunt damage with additional burnings, which in its turn causes great troubles. The power of this spell is so high, that it creates an myriad series of area covering explosions & flammable flame embers & dusts that in turn will ignite onto all that comes near..

Fire Dragon War Breath:
The user conjures & summons an powerful stream of holy flames that act as an mix of an water hose & an flamethrower as the user's aura makes it into an powerful all directional wave & searing force of holy destruction, inflicting tons & tons of greater damage & extreme burning but, it eats up the user's mana as an downside & even ran out, causes great strain onto the target..

Sun Dragon God Breath:
User engulfs their fist in solar energy and then punches their opponent. Despite being very simple action, this spell causes heavy blunt damage with additional burnings, which in its turn causes great troubles. The power of this skill is so high, that it is capable of inflicting the most aggressive & itching of those fatal burns even when the effects are beyond highly destructive & deadlier than expected..

Fire Dragon God Wings Death Slash:
The user ignites whole arms on fire. In a way of the wings of a dragon, they then use these flames as means of additional support for throwing the opponent far away by means of heating, while granting them with burning too. 

Fire Dragon War Claw Destruction:
The user engulfs their hands with a large flame. Then, with having their hands ignited, they gouge them into the target and quickly swipe them away from their sight in a manner of scratching attack, even if actual scratches do not occur, at the same time, results in an immense, thunderous explosions..

Hellfire Scorching War Destruction:
The user engulfs his entire hands with flames and brings them together. After concentrating for a bit, they then create a giant explosion that destroys everything around the user, also providing them with a high-class protection of flames and scorching heat.

Fire Dragon God Wave Fist:
A technique where mana energy kneaded inside the body is converted into fire and expelled from the palms either as a massive orb of roaring flame or as a continuous flame-thrower with some extremely explosive or sometimes lethal results..

Sun Dragon God Wave Fist:
Firstly, the user makes an inhale, gathering the flames in their palms As next step for the spell's initiation, they release the fire in the direction of his target, creating a exploding huge wave or beam of solar flames which in its turn delivers great burnings to the target and to the surroundings.

Fire Dragon Great Destruction :
A technique where mana kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and then expelled from the palms in a massive wall of intense flames, which covers an expansive range. This makes the technique extremely difficult to either avoid or contain, with it requiring the combined efforts of several Water Release users in order to extinguish the flames.

Sun Dragon Great Destruction
A technique where mana kneaded inside the body is converted into solar energy, and then expelled from the mouth in a massive wall of intense solar & nuclear flames, which covers an expansive range which it's results without mercy seems as if an tactical nuke has been set off..

Sun Dragon King Destruction:
User charges up mana & meditates & after the hands are swollen, the user thrusts his palms & fires an flooding 599-1899 feet tidal wave of extremely exploding & deadly solar energy & draconic flames at the target, the attack becomes more stronger & powerful depending on how injured or critically hurt the user becomes as it ignores all defenses & inflicts the same critical injuries that ranges from fatal to an mortal injury as the target is set on fire. The wildfires created from the blasts can also follow many targets everywhere , making it almost impossible to evade..

Angry Demon Fire Dragon Annihilation:
User's body becomes surrounded in hellfire & becomes an holy, & divine flame construct of mass destruction. All the built up rage that empowers the mana energy, then condenses at the user's hair and forms into an orb that becomes like the sun. Afterwards, the user flings it at the target, creating an sea of hellfire that it's shockwaves instantly obliterates all that touches into atoms & those that survive will live in agony for months, creating dreadful to deadly effects that sounds like pure radiation poisoning.

Angry Fire Dragon King Wrathful Palm:
The art is performed by drawing both hands back while gathering mana Then, the user places the bottom of their palms together, forming a sphere of energy which engulfs the target, creating more orbs in the process without warning as it grows huger. Finally, the user punches his palms & a explosive blast of flaming explosion of pure, energy from the orbs that were formed, resulting in an thunderous yet hellish wildfire that leaves devastation in it's wake..

Crossfire Tornado:
User calls upon destructive flames & instantly & rapidly fires spectacular signature move that sends forth ankhsW of flame from his palms in a great storm.

Crossfire Tornado Slaving Force:
User unleashes an technique that enables him to be able to manipulate the direction/trajectory of his flame ankhs.

Crossfire Tornado Splitting Force:
One variation of the Crossfire Tornado, which splits the ankhs to cover a wider area.

Fire Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire. Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire's intensity will be different.

Hellfire Manipulation:  The users can generate and manipulate the cursed flames of Hell, which can completely destroy anything. The color of the flames varies, but may be black, blue, white, or the normal shades of fire, although probably in some way noticeably unusual. Sometimes, the flames are not generated, but instead summoned from the depths of Hell itself.

Holy Fire Manipulation:  The user can create, shape and manipulate holy flames, which are especially effective against demons and other evil beings and are inextinguishable by normal means. It may also trap and/or immobilize angels or demons, rather than killing them outright. The color of the flames varies, but usually blue, white, or the normal if light shades of fire.

Spiritual Flame Manipulation: 
The user can create, shape and manipulate fire formed from one's soul/spirit. Due to being comprised of spiritual power, these flames aren't only stronger than usual flames, but also have the power to affect one's soul in varying ways.

Solar Energy Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate solar energy.

Solar Empowerment: User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come into contact with sunlight, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able to draw sustenance from the sun or even slow or stop aging.

Primordial Fire Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate fire of an ancient primordial nature. As opposed to regular Fire Manipulation, users of this power are deities, avatars, or living embodiment of fire. As such, they can cause natural fire effects such as wildfires and fire tornadoes to manifest. In many cases users of this power will be able to override other forms of Fire Manipulation as fire is the domain of the user.

Ultimate Burning: The user can burn anything, even if they are normally non-flammable, incorporeal or even conceptual entities, such as time. They can raise the temperature to absolute levels, generating scientifically unexplainable levels of particle energies; due to burning at such otherwise impossible levels, complete annihilation of object at subatomic levels occur.

Fire Magic: The user is able to perform a legendary form of magic that allows the user to cast magical spells and feats through fire.

Fire Dragon Heavenly Claw:
User charges his hands via flame & solar energies and brings them together in front of him. Any foes standing before him will be slashed to pieces or burned alive. 

War Dragon Claw Storm:
User powers up and releases a gigantic minute sphere of solar energy in front of him. For a moment, it seems nothing has happened, and then the ball creates a gigantic flaming hurricane. Any enemies inside the hurricane are burned & ripped to shreds. 

Ten Million Burning Fury:
user launches an massive, flooding volley of quick, flaming kicks These blows are powerful enough to blow strong or large body types apart into pieces. Depending on the power of the attack, this technique can occur in an instant.

Thousand Billion Burning Fury:
User brutally & savagely launches an massive, flooding flurry of quick,solar energy empowered kicks. These blows are powerful enough to blow strong up to even cosmic sized body types apart into pieces. Depending on the power of the attack, this technique can occur in an instant.

Mana Soul Overdrive Strike:
The user channels the mana energy into their arm and does a powerful chop attack. This slowly transfers the rippling mana blast through the point hit, making it advance until blowing up.

Mana Soul Overdriving Fist:
The user charges their hand with mana energy and strikes his opponent with a chop or an barrage of powerful punches, causing the energy to advance into the target, eventually resulting in an explosion of pure, magical energy..

Greater Rippling Magical Overdrive:
When a the user, engulfed with mana energy jabs fast enough consecutively, he can release multiple Overdrives at once.

Yellow Sunlight Mana Fist:
It is a devastating and extremely strong mana-infused strike with power comparable to the sun itself and has the ability to completely obliterate the Undead, as the user assails the target by transferring the advancing mana energies with an explosive blast of an rapid-rush of mana-infused punches explosively as the attack is notable for producing a very clear-yellow color akin to sunlight.

Yellow Sunlight Solar Flash Fist:
Charging the mana energy into one hand, the user can create a rippling force of flames or solar energy. He is able to transfer over this flame to another part of his body, and anything that touches that body part has a chance of being set on fire or suffering heavy or greater degree burns..

Rippling Magic Overdrive
The user charges a mana wave through his arm and releases it into a solid object, such as a wall or partition. The mana energy can travel through and reach anything on the other side, and anything hit by the mana energy is sent flying in a spiral. If the enemy is an undead or any demon, the mana energy will enter their bloodstream and destroy them from the inside. 

Spiraling Flame Totem Kick:
An fire elemental spiraling dropkick attack that ends with an spiraling flipkick that sends the target flying..

Jutsu of Eternal Wu Xing:
User clasps his hands & uses his hand seals than afterwards, calls upon the star gods which unleashes an great & enormous downpour of star, cosmic & comet showers that engulfs all enemies are struck from above by multiple blasts of cosmic & stellar energy ,afterwards, the user makes further hand seals & slams his palms on the ground & unleashes an massive downpour of destructive, electrical showering beans of electrical magical energy which sprays the entire field & attacks every vital, nerve, pressure & accupressure point, causing severe eruptions on impact,afterwards, the user uses hand gestures once more unleashing an enormous mass of red symbols fly past all enemies causing a enormous, planet-sized massive explosion of negative energy in their wake,finally, several massive beams & thunderbolts of positive energy lance, spray & explodes out from the user's body, striking all enemies. With each hit a symbol appears in the explosion of the impact,causing the use to finish the move with an enormous,planet sized downpour of positive & negative energies which causes an 9,999.99 radius seismic magical explosion in an shape of an yin-yang symbol..

Aura Blast:
An energy attack which involves shooting a massive laser at one target for major non-elemental damage.

Chi Blast:
Chi Blast is a Ranged Attack that uses the force of Chi energy When used, the Monk releases a blast of Chi to inflict damage on the enemy, with no chance of missing. The damage dealt is dependent upon mental training levels of the fighter..

Tenketsu is an fighting move which attempts to strike an enemy's weakpoint with a casting time of 3 while ignoring the target's Defense. an potentially deadly & lethal technique of kung fu & there are four variants to the ability; one which deals a normal physical attack, one that deals an automatic Critical Hit, one that deals elemental damage to the enemy's weakness, and one that that instantly kills the target...

Sudden Death Fist:
The user charges
forward and punches enemy, causes an instant explosion of sonic shockwaves which inflict excruatingly & potentially painful vibrations & seizures that are highly destructive painful as knives & can be fatal as well. can be charged to increase the lethality & pain levels to the extreme and to increase damage priority.

Death Fist:
An forbidden martial arts technique of kung fu. The user unleashes an fierce yet, savage blow either various type of punches or an one-inch punch which i
nflicts an deadiest curse of death sentence to one target and as the curse of the blow signifies,it places a terrifying deathfly chill of an death clock over the target's head, and when it expires, the target dies instantly, heance the name..

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