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Steampunk Robot

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I present to you: the finished version of my previously announced steam punk robot character!!
Originally this little robot was more of a cartoonish science fiction character and I had modelled it before as such. For this version, though, I wanted to go for a more steam punk look. Hence the stains, scratched surfaces and gears.. :P

I rendered this image in Cycles in order to get realistic lights and shadows. Even though I encountered quite a few nasty bugs, I still managed to create an image that I am quite pleased with.

Everything was made in Blender 2.62
I got the textures from
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I like the tazer, if thats what it is. It reminds me of R2-d2 with arms.
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This is adorable, and definitely fits the theme of steampunk XD. I like the fact that you gave him two different colored eyes.
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Thank you very much!! :D
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I adore steampunk!!!! it may have that electric something on its right hand but i want to hag it!!! so cute
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it!! :D
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I think he's cute :D The wood on him looks so real!
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Thank you very much!! :D
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wow great work!

I like the texture so much

so cute :heart:
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Excellent work witb the textures and lighting, especially with the grains on the robot's wooden-like body.

Did you use Blender cycles to enhance the lighting effects? I've been trying to get the right kind of lighting for my 3D models using ambient occulision (I think that's how it's spelled) but that usually does not produce the right kind of results in certain settings.
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Thank you very much!! :D

The lighting set up is really easy, it's just a white main light and two smaller lights that are the eyes :P
Cycles does all the shadows (including ambient occlusion) and diffuse lighting :P
After rendering the character I used Blender's compositor for some colour grading, changing contrast and other effects.
The same image could probably made with Blender Internal, but the lighting set up would be much more complicated..

I hope that was the kind of answer you were looking for.. xD
If you need any help, you can always ask me!! :D
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You've used Blender Cycles too??! I've been trying the same on my laptop computer but it takes an eternity for me to render -about 30 minutes for 30 or 50 Path Tracing Samples- and I've seen tutorial videos about this feature where the narrator was able to do a 500 path tracing sample in less than 10 seconds.

Do you have to have a particular video card in order to efficiently use Blender Cycles?
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Don't worry, Cycles is just a slow engine right now ;)
To render faster you could either have a good cpu or a CUDA gpu. Apparently those gpu's are the fastest way to render in Cycles, but is you have a decent cpu, like me, you can do quite a lot with Cycles.
You could also try to change some of the values within Blender, for example: use the Direct Light preset under the integrator tab. Though the results are not as good, the render time should go down quite a lot :P
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I'm noticing a big improvement already! Though it's not as fast as from what I've seen on some youtube tutorials that cover this feature, I'm able to render at about 10 samples within 10 or 11 seconds which is much faster than before.

Thank you very much!
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That's great! :D
My pc can't compete with those of the people in the tutorials, but if you have some patience you can get really nice results with mediocre hardware.

Glad to be of help!! :D
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Very nice work, great textures and idea!
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