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Rendered in Blender Internal..
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lol, do not want. Nice pic.
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ummmm. uhhhhh. I uh... No.. this just.. this is gonna haunt me for a while
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Well, there goes my sleep. Great job!
The detail on "Pikachu" looks great, and the gameboy like text is just right!
As this did give me a great laugh I'm kinda creeped out by this at the same time. xD
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haha aw geez, can't escape :fear:
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Omfg pikachu looks so manly XD haha
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nuuuuuu this is the exact opposite of what pikachu is T__T nuuu!!!
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This is simply frightening. Haha How long did this take you to do from start to finish?
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Thanks! :)
The whole process took me about two and a half week, I don't know how many hours I actually worked on it though.. :P
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That's worth more than a shiny, catch it!
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i would not like to catch that pikachu :iconfcknoplz:
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He probably won't fit in your pokéball anyway xD
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ok i will not even try to figure that out X)
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hahahahahaha great work xDDD this pikachu returns to action xDDD
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I'll immediately run the heck out of this battle, but I've a feeling Pikachu won't be giving up so easily.
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I don't think he can run very far though.. xD
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HA that's hillarious :D
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No thank you as that image made my day :D
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