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Penrose Triangle

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An impossible triangle! Modelled in Blender and rendered in Cycles (1000 passes)!!
Hope you like it!! :D
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I love this type of did you make it?
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This is really interesting, though I feel you could have added a bit
more lighting to it (because it's a bit dark and hard to see until
you focus for a second). Otherwise, this is remarkable and quite
outstanding. :thumbsup:
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Thanks! People said before that some of my works are a bit too dark, maybe my screen is just a bit too bright.. :P
I should compare my images on different screens from now on.. :P
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It might be possible, but I normally work with a bright
screen. You must have a better monitor than me. :aww:
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If you use it for the awesome stuff you make, it can't be a bad one either! xD
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haha XD Well, laptop screen(s) can't be adjusted but
so much. (Mine can't, anyhow). :lol:
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Intresting use of geometry and perspective.
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This makes my brain hurt xD Great work :3
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Triangleception. bwaah
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Oh wow, this triangle! Good job on this. :D
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These things aggravate me to no end. I always go nuts trying to follow the pattern. Dx

Great job, though, it looks very real!
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Wow, this is really confusing my eyes, haha. Very nice.
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Lol if its impossible how'd ya make it? ;P
I'm really jealous of your skill! :D
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Thank you!! :D
I cheated a bit in order to gain this effect, I pasted the three sides of the triangle in such a way over and under each other that it looks like an impossible triangle.. :P
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Unreal. I love this.
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You are welcome.
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Whoa! The first time I saw that picture, I thought that it was not in a cycle.
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i love these there's so fun to look at
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