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Auri and Kvothe

I am a big fan of Patrick Rothfuss' wonderful series "The Kingkiller Chronicle", often known by the title of the first book "The Name of the Wind". Few books have captivated me as much as this series, and I can't wait to see what will happen next to Kvothe and the people around him. 

I've wanted to illustrate one of the many iconic scenes from the books for quite some time now, and I finally managed to put together this illustration over many little breaks at work and at home. I hope you enjoy it, whether or not you know the books (and if you don't know them, I highly recommend picking them up!) :)

Photoshop, November 2015.
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I've brought you an apple Auri, filled with the crisp wind and a gentle kiss.

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Wow, amazing work! I love the detail you put into this. On my YouTube channel, I have a series talking about Kingkiller Chronicle Lore. Would it be okay if I used this picture for my upcoming Kingkiller vid? I would of course make sure to leave a link to your art and profile in the description.

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Thanks for the kind words! Feel free to show the image in your video, just make sure to credit me for the work :) 


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Found the Original! :la:
I saw this on other platforms first, but now I can tell you how much i frickin LOVE it!! It captures Kvothe and Auri so perfectly!
And the mood! Dreamy, quiet, tinted by fear and trust, trust overweighting the fear.
I agree that the books are encapturing, and so is this picture. <3
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Love this photo!
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Cream of the crop! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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This is looking so good! Not only that it's beautiful, but it also captured the emotion from the book perfectly. I set this as my wallpaper and each time I look at it I'm inspired :)
Very nice, kind of how I imagined it in my mind!
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this is wonderful! i'm re-reading the first book right now, and this picture captures the two so well!
This is really amazing. My words fail me when I try to express my true feelings of this image.
Amazing. I would love this as a poster or canvas. I don't have enough geek art and this is breathtaking!
Impressive art, congrats!
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Beautifully captured!
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I really like this picture! I still remember this scene in the book .. I loved it so much and waited longingly for `the doors of stone´

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This is one of my favorite depictions of these two. Thank you for sharing. =)
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Nice rendition. Not many artists have captured the characters of this book well. But I think this is one of the best for sure!
Gorgeous. Seriously. I can't even tell you.
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This is an absolutely wonderful work. The depiction of Auri here is hands down the best I've seen yet!  You took all the details from the book and melded them perfectly into her design.  She's a very beautiful young woman, but she's also noticeably skinny and malnourished, which is not a characteristic I see reflected often in artwork of her.  Her hair is long, light, and flows easily in the wind.  It also has a good balance of slight stringiness to it, and is unkempt enough visually to give us a picture of how her hair always tends to just 'pop up' with the wind pretty often in the books.  Most importantly, her eyes are appropriately captivated by Kvothe's music :)

haha, I'm babbling now, but this is seriously great.  All of the detail is very beautiful.  You have talent!! 
this is exactly how i pictured them on their meetings by moonlight!! beautiful work!!
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Great work! Beautiful!
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I was thinking about drawing this and this is almost exactly how I was picturing it!! So beautifulllll
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