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Gandahar by Manwe-Varda Gandahar by Manwe-Varda
:bulletred: Watched "Gandahar" an old french anime from the 80's. Well, not as good and beautiful as "The Fantastic Planet" but I liked the design of this chara.

Ambisextra from GANDAHAR © René Laloux & Philippe Caza
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JohnSpartan1982 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012
Awesome movie, loved it since i was 10 when i bought it from one of my local K-marts and has been a personal fave of mine since.

Does the film remind you of Avatar? this is one of the inspirations to that film since Cameron is a fan of animation and Rene laloux
Manwe-Varda Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012
I think it's not the best of Rene Laloux's movie. The story is interesting (and the design of this charactere is great) but the animation and the narration are quite poor compare to "The fantastic planet". You should try to find this one.

Actually, Avatar remind me more Pocahontas's story than Gandahar. XD
JohnSpartan1982 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012
But isn't it cool James Cameron loves Rene Laloux's works.

You gotta admit at times on Avatar there are some similarities visually to both this movie and Fantastic Planet to even Nausicaa and Laputa: Castle in The Sky as you can tell Cameron borrowed from those movies for inspirations to the creatures, world and all that. Avatar is definitely Man Called Horse, the story of Pocahontas, Gandahar, Heavy Metal, Dune, Star Wars, Nausicaa and Fantastic Planet all rolled into one.

The Na'Vi are almost like out of Laloux's works. Afterall both Gandahar and Avatar have somewhat similarities including the idea of a warrior who finds himself in another world, falls in love with an alien warrior girl, befriends with the alien tribes and fights an evil that is destroying their world.

Ever seen Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind?
Manwe-Varda Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012
Ok for similarities visually, but the story is just too much similar to Pocahontas (and it's not criticism, actually, I prefere Avatar than Pocahontas, lol)

And yeah, the Na'vis could be, visually, directly getting out of Laloux's works.

Yeah I saw Nausicaa, as almost all the Miyazaki and I loved it.
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