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Random Favourites

Amnesia - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 – Shelter
"I'm surprised this kid is even still alive." Hayate heard someone speaking as he opened his eyes with bright lights shining in his face. He squinted his eyes for this was the first time he could remember seeing this much light. His eyes were not used to it yet, plus he experienced much pain each time he flicked his eyelids. He decided to just keep them closed for now.
"Where am I now?" He thought to himself. "Am I dead?"
"Things still don't look good." He heard the voice. "He's still hanging on by a thread. Whoever did this left him to die, for sure. Where did you find him again?"
Hayate then heard another voice speak. "Just on the outskirts of the Schwarzwald."
"The Black Forest?"
"Yeah, he was pretty banged up."
"Pretty banged up? Let me show you his X-Rays."
Hayate heard no voice but only the rattling of paper. Then the first voice spoke again.
"Six fractured ribs, Here, his jaw is completely shattered. Internal bleeding and bruises on the abdominal area
:icondatboyscrooge:DatBoyScrooge 3 1
Amnesia - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – Black Forest
"But we've tried everything sir." The woman spoke onto the cell phone as the limo driver escorted her to her destination. "Project Epsilon is a failure. This ninja is not like the female; her blood was compatible with our chemicals. Yet this one is just one of those ordinary ninjas."
"Ordinary?" The voice replied back. "Lisa, I thought you told me it was her brother."
"Yes it is, sir. My only hypothesis is that he didn't acquire the same genes. That's all I can think of."
"So are you definitely sure he is useless to us?"
"We could try a few more tests, but I doubt I'll have any good news for you."
The other end of the phone was quiet as Lisa waited for an answer, finally the commanding voice spoke. "Never mind. Just get rid of him."
"Should we re-wipe his memory?"
"Don't bother costing me anymore money. Just kill him, that's more effective."
"Yes, sir. Where should we dump the body?"
"I don't care." His voice raised. "Figure it out on your own and make your way
:icondatboyscrooge:DatBoyScrooge 4 3
Amnesia - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – Failed Tests
Hayate awoke from his sleep to find himself surrounded by a body of water.
"Where am I?" he thought to himself as he looked around trying to figure where he was and who or what brought him here.
He tried to swim, but he couldn't. His hands and feet were strapped. He was strapped to some platform. His lungs were beginning to run out of air quick and the increasing race of his heartbeat was telling him, he needed air quick.
All he could do was struggle, but no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't break free from the strong hold of the straps holding him. But he didn't give up, he struggled harder, thinking to himself "What in the world is going on?" He used the rest of his air to try to call for help, but underwater, his sounds only made a slight gurgle sound.
He couldn't last any longer; he shook harder against the straps trying to use any technique to get himself released. But in the end, his luck did not look in his favor as all movement stopped. His body
:icondatboyscrooge:DatBoyScrooge 9 3
Christie : Assassin at work by bem69 Christie : Assassin at work :iconbem69:bem69 25 13 Ayane and Lei Fang by ciambella Ayane and Lei Fang :iconciambella:ciambella 66 11 in my past life by suzi9mm in my past life :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 3,364 938 Kayame by minties Kayame :iconminties:minties 555 149 Uchihas by KiYami Uchihas :iconkiyami:KiYami 1,543 424 Sakuraba Yuuko by maxwindy Sakuraba Yuuko :iconmaxwindy:maxwindy 7,127 628 Under sunset ----FF7DC fan art by jiuge Under sunset ----FF7DC fan art :iconjiuge:jiuge 5,813 377 Paws Up by wazabees Paws Up :iconwazabees:wazabees 959 340 Flying High by wazabees Flying High :iconwazabees:wazabees 3,131 673 Upside down by wazabees Upside down :iconwazabees:wazabees 8,142 2,082 not a family portrait by ultranguik not a family portrait :iconultranguik:ultranguik 106 58 Shot me by xel- Shot me :iconxel-:xel- 97 79 The Fragile Poster 01 by xel- The Fragile Poster 01 :iconxel-:xel- 18 27



:iconchibifranceplz: Je suis Française et je n'aime pas le fromage:iconlegaspplz:


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Ca aurai été une trop belle coincidence!
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I love your Aztec portrayals. Have you ever thought of doing one of a male victim being sacrificed by female priestesses?
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