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Hello all! It's rare that I put anything up nowadays, but I thought I'd share some pictures of myself and my lovely girlfriend, :iconleavingforparis: at the local renaissance festival this past weekend. Please feel free to use the images for any artwork they may inspire, or just enjoy them as-is! If you do use them as stock, please remember to credit the model(s), and send a link to the final product for us to see!


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So I've decided to give NaNoWriMo a real go this year.  I keep saying I'm going to, but I pretty much chicken out every time.  Well not this time!  I have been using the opportunity, in fact, to expand on my previously written material for my ongoing pirate story "Heart of Gold" in the hope that I might finally really flesh out the story, and may be even (GASP) finish it!  O.O   I know!  What a concept!

At any rate, I have updated the portions of "Heart of Gold" I already had uploaded here with all the new material I've written so far.  Right now I'm looking for constructive criticism and ideas on where to take the story, so if you're interested in giving either, please feel free to let me know!

One way or the other though, I sincerely hope you'll read the story and let me know what you think!

Okay, so I finally have gotten around to posting a couple new things.  Nothing spectacular, but just some basic stuff.  The biggest thing by far is my pirate story, Heart of Gold.  I'm pretty proud of this, as it's the longest thing I've written in an awfully long time (maybe ever), and I'm still interested in finishing it, which is surprising for me.  Please go read it, and let me know what you think, good or bad!  I need some suggestions for parts of it, and I'd love a little input from my DA watchers!

Other than that I've put up a few new sketches, unshaded and uncolored.  While most people put these sorts of things in scraps, at the rate I'm drawing lately, they're all I have, so into my gallery they go.  If anyone is interested in coloring and/or otherwise messing with said sketches, please feel free!  As long as you keep me in the loop and show me the finished product!

Other than that, not too much to report.  Still flying.  Which isn't much, but in the immortal words of Mal Reynolds, it's enough.

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Well, it's been a while since I've done any serious updating. Since then I've done a few little sketches and whatnot, but haven't gotten around to posting most of them.

In any case, I hope to post a few fun little deviations soon, including some rough drafts of a pirate story I'm trying to write.  Keep posted.  Also, if anyone out there is interested in coloring said sketches, lemme know!
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  • Reading: The Guardship, by James L. Nelson... again...
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ALSO! Go check out my girlfriend Sarah's photography!  She can be found here: :iconleavingforparis:

She just uploaded some great pictures of the two of us decked out in pirate attire.

Oh, and in case you wonder, I'm actually not dressed as Jack Sparrow in these pictures, but as my personal character, Jack McCool, Irish Pirate Extraordinaire, and Captain of the Dreaded Pirate Ship Ill Repute.
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I know, crazy, right?  I haven't uploaded anything new in a loooong time.  But today I just threw a few photos up of myself and my girlfriend.  Hopefully soon I will have finished a few drawings so I can put them up too, but this is it for now.
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Hi all!  I've just come to say that I have nothing new to post!  That's right, zero, nil, zilch, nadda, etc.  I've been working on a few things, but none of them seem to be finishing themselves very quickly, so it will be a while before I get them up.
To be honest, the real reason I posted this was to get rid of my last journal entry from my userpage, since it was waaaaaay old.
That is all.
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If you live in Denver, and are a Pirate, GO THERE NOW!

Starland (the company behind the Starfest conventions), in association with Disney, is hosting an official Pirates of the Caribbean fan event this Sunday, March 18th! They will be screening the Curse of the Black Pearl, and premiering the At World's End trailer.  Costumes are encouraged, and there will be goodies for those who are dressed up! Tickets are limited, so act fast! If you have any questions about it, send me a message, or email the guys at Starland.

Hope to see you there!
The Cap'n

P.S. Starland is using my picture to advertise the thing. Go figure.
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So, I never really put blogs up anywhere, but I thought this was noteworthy:
This month's issue of Renaissance magazine features several full-page photos from the Colorado Renaissance Festival, and guess who's big fat face is plastered in living color over an entire leaf? That's right!  Robin Hood!
erm... but also MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Apparently Renaissance Magazine decided they didn't mind a little copyright infringement, and posted a full page photo of me as Captain Jack Sparrow.  They even used the entire name, "Jack Sparrow," which is something we've avoided at the faire because, well, we'd rather not get sued.  Still, as long as Disney doesn't throw a hissy fit, I'm really excited!
The only sucky part of it is that the photo they used was from before the beginning of last season, which means that my costume basically sucked.  The hat alone makes me want to throw up a little, and my eye makeup is rather horrid.  Plus, I had apparently forgotten to attach the beard braids for that photoshoot.  Thusly, I'm sure I'll be recieving some criticism from the general public about my portrayal (whether I hear any of it or not).  Still, the whole idea makes me exceedingly happy, and despite the costume pitfalls, it's actually a really good picture!

Anyhoo, that is all.  I just had to gush.  Go check it out!  Barnes and Noble usually carries the magazine, as does Borders.

The Cap'n
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I just posted several pictures from my trip to San Diego over Christmas break!  They're super cool and of course, piratical!  Check them out!  I also included a couple funny shots from this past season at the Colorado Renaissance Festival!  Enjoy!

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Well, I've finally updated my gallery.  Took me long enough.  Much of this stuff is actually old, but I thought it worth posting.  The unfortunate part of this is that DA is not displaying all of the things I submitted, even after I went to my account and made sure all my deviations were active, so I don't know what's going on with that.  Hopefully it'll get cleared up soon.
Meh... I haven't done a lot of stuff to put up here lately, so my gallery is still regrettably feeble.  I hope to get something decent up in the not-too distant future, but until then I'm sure you'll all be waiting with bated breath...
To those of you who only know me via this account, the idea of my obsession must not seem remotely surprising.  After all, much of my gallery is dedicated to the subject of this newfound obsession, and the vast majority of my favorites are of that subject as well.  Still, it was not always this way.  I used to be much more enthralled by valiant knights, and noble heroes, always believing that the brave, good, and righteous acts they committed were what I wanted to model my own life after.  In fact, this is still the case.  But even though my moral and ethical principals are of a nature that should not allow such an obsession, I have found myself inexplicably and inexorably becoming consumed by a single category:  PIRATES.</b>
After working at the Colorado Renaissance Festival this past summer as the illustrious Captain Jack Sparrow, I have found myself slowly but surely falling into a complete addiction to all matters concerning buccaneers, corsairs, highwaymen, rogues, and general scallywags.  I know not why this is, but it is gaining strength with every day.  In fact, it is gaining so much strength that not only certain aspects of my life are affected by it, but rather my entire existence seems at present consumed by it.  A very odd thing, truly.
I can assure you all that my true character is more likely to be akin to Aragorn, or Batman, or some other noble, romantic spirit, than to the filthy deceivers and scoundrels over whom I seem to be obsessing of late.  Still, the romanticized vision of life during the "Golden Age of Piracy" is one that has utterly captivated my imagination, and I cannot seem to escape it.
I have even begun the venture of starting my own crew of landlocked pirates, fashioning the title Captain Jack McCool for myself, and creating the fictitious ship Ill Repute, which sails the high plains of Colorado.  To be sure, we will be the only sober pirate crew in the seven seas.  Never killing, or raping, or wronging others in any way most pirates would be proud of.  We are certainly a strange lot amongst our pirate comrades.  But nonetheless, my obsession continues, and all of you can be sure to find much more piratey and generally swashbuckley artwork in my gallery from here on out.
Also, if you attended the Colorado Renaissance Festival during the 2005 season, and got a picture or pictures of me, I am a disgustingly vain human being, and would therefore love to see them! Just drop me a line, okay? Thanks!
Well, I've made some updates to this page, and I think it's coming along nicely.  I hope to have a lot more up eventually, but this is a start.  Thanks to JP for setting this page up for me in the first place.  I would love to hear what everyone has to say about my artwork and costumes, so feel free to leave comments.  I will hopefully have many more updates in the not too distant future, including more drawings and more costume pics.  Also, if you attended the Colorado Renaissance Festival in the 2005 season, and got a picture or pictures of me, I would love to see them! Just drop me a line, okay?  Thanks!
Hi!  This is Michael Sheridan, officially saying hello to everyone!  My friend JP got this page up and running for me a long time ago, but I've been neglecting it terribly.  Anyhow, I hope not to from now on...
grinningjim here, officially kicking off Michael Sheridan's DA gallery because he's too lazy (or too busy) to do it himself. He ought to be on to clean it up a little... I'm just uploading the stuff for him.
If you really want to talk to him, catch him on Elftown ( as Peregrinus.