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B/W Outdoor Tileset

By Manuxd789
It is a big tileset ripped from B/W mixed with some public tiles and my own tiles, 32x32 (for rmxp)

Collection from:




-Tyranitar Dark



- LukaSJ
It is Free use, but don't forget to give credits to them and to me ^^. :D
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© 2014 - 2021 Manuxd789
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More than half are HGSS like. Very less (only trees) look gen5 like

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Half of these aren't even gen 5 tho........
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If I try to put this tileset in my RPG Maker stuff, it won't show all of it. It will cut lot of stuff from the tileset, leaving it pretty useless.
I would LOVE to use some nice Black and White stuff. Could you please give me some advice about how to import it without ruining it all?

I literally tried lot of tilesets, but they simply won't cooperate. 
Say for example... No one of the houses will show up in my tileset space for me to use. I can see them on the resource manager. I can see all of them. But when putting it into the field, they simply won't show. Is like if the RPG Maker cut nearly everything from the tileset.

Thank you. Hope you can provide me with some help.
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You only need to copy it to your tilesets folder and set it on the RPG Maker XP DDBB. Anything else D:
Wow thanks for this dude!
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Its less in front of me sorry to say but can u teach me how to combine two tile set to make one and I would do it if u will teach me cuz I need lot more different tiles set in one and the problem was transparency
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I can not convert to .bmp do you know why?
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That green house looks like the first gym of XY, or am I wrong..
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Howcan i change the tilesets, where the player move... and the houses no appears
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You can do it by putting the image in the folder where u kept your game then go to graphics n then tile set keep it there and go to your RPG maker xp or any RPG maker and go to database by pressing f9 in some cases it won't work so u have to do it manually and after increase maximum to one more there will be certain option and one of them will be choose tile set graphics so click on it and choose your and click apply and OK its done........
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Just select it in the Data Base. I don't understand what you mean. :C
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Para seleccionar por donde se puede pasar y por donde no, por donde se pasa por detras y por donde se pasa por detras... Busca Traductor Google...
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El problema no es mi razonamiento, que tengo el proficient de inglés, sino que has formulado mal la pregunta. Y como he dicho, todo se hace en la Base de datos de RPG Maker. :)
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oh,it's so long and it's very good.
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