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Folie a Deux

haha sup guys i bought the album and made this wall from scratch

jordanFC's mild theme was used here
dock made by me and menu bar was made by me too

and Samone was too shy to give a smile but i featured her any way xD
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the miranda skin and what are u using and how do u get the controllers or are the y pluggins of somenthing??? its Objetbar? plseas tell me :)
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can you share the finder icon?please.

great desk.
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heeey. nice shot (:
united lost too fullham 3-0 ... :(

hook me up with the finder icon ?

cheers :D
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Great shot man...
How to make windows background transparent???
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nice setup ^^

where did you get that baby milo icon ? I want it soo bad >_<;

also how did you get the explorer window to be partially transparent?
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Cool, what's the dock?
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sorry if someone already asked this, but what is the theme for the IM? that is awesome. Can you give the link? Thanks. :llama:
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its crazy!!!

plz plz! u made that folder background transparent???
your desktop are always awesome.

can I have a link to the Neutra font you are using? Mine doesn't look half as good. ;)

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looks amazing
Can i get the Photoshop Icon ?
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nice wall. (shame about Utd losing to Derby tho :( )

What IEView skin is that you are using? Thanks
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ya but today were gonna kill Chelsea
manufn619's avatar
shit i didnt know that match was for the semi's DAMN man we gotta win the euro cup then
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no worries - got second leg to go!

and WOOHOO! 3-0 against chelski! awesome!

But seriously bro - whats the IEView skin? Thanks
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so its from themeX ill hook you up
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You got that IEView skin buddy?
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nice screen!! :+fav:
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Cool shot and awesome album :D
where are these Folder icons from?
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the grey/aluminium ones in the explorer window (2nd shot)
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Where can I get that Bowtie icon?
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