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Sauroposeidon high poly 
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Looks impressive. Are you going to have Giraffatitan or Brachiosaurus for the Jurassic parts of the game?
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In the game the dinosaurs will be mixed, even if they are different periods.
Depending on the success of the game , we can add more dinosaurs.
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Hi Manuel after lot of works and a Discussion with Mr Wedel (the paleontologist Who described Sauroposeidon I finished a Sauroposeidon lamina, if you are interested I can send it to you per Mail:)
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Fantastic , I really want to see the lamina please
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you have it on your mail :)
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Great work friend with the lamina.
Im really like this work of sauroposeidon reconstruction.
I hope you  upload this work in DA.
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Maybe Yes :)
I Made my first GDI Analysys on Sauroposeidon and the result is a estimate volume of 60000 l for 42 tons in mass
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This dinosaur was really heavy, the legs would be strong to hold that much weight.
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WOW Manuel this model rock!
Can I ask you what reference you use for this?
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Thanks friend , In this model I used references from Scott Hartman and some similar material web as
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¡Impresionante! no me imaginaba un cuello tan largo y robusto. :)
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Gracias amigo.
La verdad que es un animal muy desproporcionado , pero muy bonito.
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Thank you Matt , Im glad you like it.
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Tio es brutal! Una pregunta tio, la cabeza le hicistes un remesh aparte como en el video del futangokolosaurus?
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Si , le tuve que hacer un remesh aparte , por que la cabeza es muy pequeña en relacion del cuerpo y pierde mucho detalle.
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