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Destiny, NY Kickstarter Volume 2! Check it out here:
Destiny NY volume 2 banner by ManuelPreitano
Thank you all! Destiny, NY has been fully funded!
DestinyNY - Thank You! by ManuelPreitano
Thank you EVERYONE who contirbuted, shared or even check the project page!
Here we go!
Destiny, NY is a comic series created by Pat Shand and me. You can read the first chapter for free here:…

You can check additional artworks here:

And most importantly you can contribute to make this series become a real full graphic novel HERE:…

Thank you for your time!
Choose your Destiny! by ManuelPreitano
I contributed to :iconmikemaihack: great webcomic "Cleopatra in Spaaace" with a guest page :) You can read it on Cleop official site here:…
While here on deviantart you can look at the unlettered, bigger version of said page :)
"The Mysteries of Bakerville" #1: 34 colored comic pages (Plus cover and back cover) for some light steampunk action: monsters! Thrilling!! Exclamation Points!!!! :) The comic is fully available for online reading on its mini site here:… through InstantPress comics: Go and check it out ;)
For free comic book day I'm glad to present Not-So-Distant mini comic:) A parody of my own comic Distant, in a 12 pages black and white story, that you can easily download for free in PDF version on Instant Press site here: Hope you like:)
Distant 4 has been released, completing Distant miniseries,:)
More infos on Instant Press comics site

Page sample 1… 2… 3… and…
Distant issue 3 released ;) Issue 3 focuses on Cain and Alex's past, on their previous journey to reach the distant tower.
More infos on Instant Press comics site


Sample pages:
here… here… and here…
As I write these lines, Distant issue 2 should have been released already;) Issue 2 continue to focus on Relm and Cain journey, bringing the winged creature in front of a distant tower.
More infos on Instant Press comics site

Cover… (cover by Strix check it out;))

Sample pages:
here…, here… and here…