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Chapter 3: Moonrise 13

Hello everyone!
This Monday we have a huge surprise for you.
As a Valentine’s present for our avid and faithful readers, we invite you to follow the link below and read the first chapter of the exclusive Victorian story “Book of Lies”.
Please be aware “Book of Lies” includes mature content, so only for 18+ readers, thank you.
You can choose Italian or English languages.

English - Book of Lies Chapter 01:…

Italian - Diario di un Bugiardo Capitolo 01:…

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Script by FrancescaDaSacco :iconfrancescadasacco:
Lineart by me :iconmanuelasoriani: .
Colors by Daniela Barisone (Flat by Irene Villata).

- awe
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I bet the party is going to be a TOTAL shipwreck!
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Let's say there are no good vibes in the air! XD