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Crimson Rain
The heavens shed crimson rain
Now is the time for pain to reign
Our thirst for blood is near complete
All we hear is nature's beat
What we began, The Mother is finishing
In her eyes, we are diminishing

~ ~ ~
They say the time will come for the darkened sky to violate our Earth with her tears of blood. The legend foretells of a blood-thirsty race being born from these tears; Mother Nature's punishment for our evil deeds. They say that day will come when mankind's thirst for the blood of his own consumes him. They say that day is near.
~ ~ ~
It was just past midnight when the first drops of a light rain began to fall. The only unusual thing about it was the colour – crimson. There weren't many people awake at that hour; most were tucked up snug and warm in their beds, oblivious to the terrors that were about to befall the human race. Those of us who were outdoors raised our faces to the heavens, catching droplets on our cold flesh. Some inner voice warned a few not to
:iconmantisss:Mantisss 1 1
December 21, 2012 - Survival Guide
A large proportion of Earth's population believes that December 21, 2012 will mark the onset of Armageddon – whether biblical or otherwise. Others proclaim that the human race will somehow be enlightened on this date, and that it will be the dawn of a Golden Age. Still others laugh at the idea of anything cataclysmic devastating the globe.
Can we afford to scoff with some of the scientific evidence to support possible catastrophe, such as our sun's current activity, which even NASA admits concern over?
December 21, 2012: Survival Guide explores some of the theories, predictions and science about this date, but focuses more on survival in nature and a post-apocalyptic world. Much of the information included can be used in everyday life, even if there is no cataclysm, and knowing the planet you live on is never a bad idea.
Discover factual evidence of past cataclysms and ancient legends. Learn how to build your own survival bunker or outdoor shelter. Understand the human body
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The Colour of Silence
Aiden tossed and turned, the earmuffs he wore not muting the offensive and incessant yapping of his neighbour's Chihuahua. The high-pitched barks sliced the darkness and invaded his space, and Aiden willed death upon the dog and its inconsiderate owners. His ears throbbed painfully with every beat of his heart, each pulsation driving shards of agony into his brain and down his spine. He cursed as he sat up, hurling his pillow across the room. It hit the wall with a dull thump that annoyed him. A motorbike roared outside, the loathsome noise polluting the air as it drew closer, and Aiden glared daggers through the wall, willing the rider out of hearing distance. Was it really too much to ask for a little silence?
Just when Aiden thought his ears would bleed, the bike came to a stop nearby, the engine idling for longer than he felt was necessary before the rider turned the ignition off. The Chihuahua's yaps became shriller, which Aiden hadn't thought possible. He rose from the bed and mo
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The Battle by Mantisss The Battle :iconmantisss:Mantisss 0 0 Sasha by Mantisss Sasha :iconmantisss:Mantisss 0 0
Dance with Evil - blurb
When a black magic cult unwittingly draws evil incarnate to Earth's dimension, it sets off a chain of events that play out over a period of two years before most of those involved even realise they're being toyed with.
Of those the creature plays mind games with, only one is aware of what's happening, driving him to contact the others – ex-cop turned private investigator Gabe Rylan and his ex-girlfriend, exposé writer Rachael Timberson.
Only Zalcon, a bounty hunter from another dimension, can stop the monster, but he cannot do it alone. However, will they believe Zalcon is a friend, and if so, are they able to assist with Gabe focussed on his police partner's two-year-old death, Rachael dealing with a stalker and Joey having a kidnap victim in his home?
It's anyone's guess if Gabe, Rachael and Joey can get past their personal situations and work together to overcome their fear and rid Earth of the evil called Tailen.
:iconmantisss:Mantisss 0 2
Loki in Dreamland by Mantisss Loki in Dreamland :iconmantisss:Mantisss 0 0 Loki and Missy by Mantisss Loki and Missy :iconmantisss:Mantisss 1 0 Mantisss by Mantisss Mantisss :iconmantisss:Mantisss 0 0
Betrayal of the Beast
Once trusted, now scorned
Once loved, now hated
Truth has now dawned
The Beast is now sated
Now held in contempt
This Beast indulges no more
Never was this meant
To be opened, this door
The Beast this soul bled dry
Now withered and discarded
On broken glass I lie
No more to be regarded
Shattered faith, broken alliance
Friend turned foe
No more sweet reliance
Sadly knifed in the gut, so…
For me not giving a damn
On my heart it did feast
To the slaughter, like a lamb
To be betrayed by The Beast
:iconmantisss:Mantisss 2 11
Witchy Witchy
Look at the witch
Disguised as a pretty lass
How I do itch
To kick her sorry arse
White witch, she says
But a whore is a whore
No more and no less
And a witch's lore
Is to cast spells on the innocent.
Define good or bad?
Smelling the scent
Of the unsuspecting lad
She casts his way her potions
Of love and lust
Of darkness and pain in her lotions
For the witch, this is a must
Hang her, I say
Burn her to a crisp
Forever in entombment may she lay
Maybe her demise will rid me
Of this lisp
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Standing there smirking
Proud of yourself
Do you know what's lurking
On the top shelf?
True friendship I gave
No strings attached
Only to be made a slave
And by you attacked
Smearing my name
So often I cried
Causing me pain
Because you lied
Nowhere to turn
Confused and broken
You taught me to learn
Not to trust words spoken
Trying to cut
You out of my life
I had no luck
You caused more strife
Now cursed you are
This you know
You pushed me too far
You went too low
Now I strike back
Heart poisoned by you
Mercy I now lack
In this soul so blue
My revenge complete
Even I cannot undo
I think it's kind of neat
There's nothing you can do
The curse can only end
When you back off, bitch
Leave me be, to mend
Or be the scratch for my itch
Suffer and die
This is your lot
Your life is a lie
You've lost the plot
Hurt me, I dare you
You shall come undone
Like old glue
Wanted by none
For each tear I cry
You shall cry a hundred
For each time you lie
You shall hear a hundred
For each who believes your li
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The Fiend That's Me
Cold fire burns deep inside me,
Slowly, surely surging upwards
Consumed in flames fed by outrage
The evil in me has been unleashed
Raw emotions expose my intentions
Illuminating the darkness of my psyche for all to see
Casting shadows into the blackness of my eyes
While the rancid reek of You fills my senses
Arctic rage sears my mind
Igniting fury akin to wildfire
As torrents of blood streak down my cheeks
Into the inky depths of my centre
Tread softly, my 'bud',
Lest you wind up in a shallow grave
Just another bump in the road
Mere bones for hungry dogs to dig up and chew
Bow your head in humility
Kiss the feet that are about to kick you
While thoughts of your burning flesh
Keep me sane in a world gone mad
I despise thee, treacherous fool
Feel my wrath, as lighting strikes twice
And thrice, until you are relieved of your misery
Once and for all, till the end of time
Dark eyes of dawn appear on the horizon,
Revealing your hollow shell once filled with life
The evil in me retreat
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Death Hound
Glowing eyes of coal
From which naught but evil
Shines forth
Coat black as death
Come to steal
Your very soul
Muscles of iron
Straining beneath skin
To get at you
Paws of sweet mercy
Come to claw
Death into you
Teeth sharp as sin
Ready to strip the life
From the unwary traveller
Come forth
Come forth
Tonight, you shall feast.
:iconmantisss:Mantisss 1 0
Nutcase Author by Mantisss Nutcase Author :iconmantisss:Mantisss 0 0 This Night by Mantisss This Night :iconmantisss:Mantisss 0 0

Random Favourites

Oh, a crackled eggshell in aspic...
I barely chanced a notice, seen?
Oh, a tawdry blood-drenched premise
lolling about in a crimson jelly-glaze,
moving at risk of another glancing blow....
Prying, I thought I heard you ask:
"Is my weakness so transparent?"
Enduring a second flight of pain ergo doubt;
"If we had only seen it coming!"
became our lip-licking defensive mask you know....
We will puncture all those who despise us
and we'll praise The Lord tomorrow...
for if offered up a second chance
to deflect our ripened innocence
and parse our fate through happenstance...
we won't so quickly demur then, seen?
Uncertain but absolute,
I can feel my gravestone spinning...
:iconmdog02:mdog02 2 25
5 in Pink by mdog02
Mature content
5 in Pink :iconmdog02:mdog02 7 29
Moonchild by Dr-Benway Moonchild :icondr-benway:Dr-Benway 17 39
As a child, I had some teddy bears. Grey, blue, green, all colors. But then you grow older, and as a boy, those cuddly stuffed animals lose their appeal to you. A man's harsh fate, to have to wander around the world without a teddy. I remember how dad once gave me these plastic cars, and asked if I wasn't getting old for stuffed animals. Mother probably shook her head at him. But his cars didn't miss their purpose. The teddies all ended up in the closet. Then in a bag on the attic. And I have no idea where they are now. All gone. The personifications of my early childhood. Of those days when dad used to ask me what I'd be when I had grown up. I was never able to reply, I had no idea. I just enjoyed my plastic little shiny cars.
Fourteen I was, when I met her. She was a year younger than me. In high school, learning things to become the answer to the question my father always asked me. Although I still had no idea. Walking through the halls between classes, I noticed her by her ginger-c
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South Africa
Current Residence: In the shadows of Table Mountain
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield
Personal Quote: Chance favours the prepared mind.
Are you an illustrator who is still building your portfolio and getting your name out there?

If you said 'yes' to the above question: do you want free advertising?

I'm a published author looking for one or two illustrators to assist with my book cover designs. I cannot pay you in money, but, for an unknown artist, I can give a lot more than mere money... Read on if you understand the value of marketing.

Your name and a link to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts will be advertised at the FRONT of any book you've done the cover for, and I will recommend you to all my author friends (for paid work) - and I know many authors...

Besides this, you will be featured on my blog, perhaps more than once.

You can also use any illustrations you do for my book covers in your portfolio, along with the cover itself if you do the full cover as opposed to just the illustration (although I'm quite capable of putting it all together if you'd like to do just the illustration and not the entire cover).

Any interested illustrators can contact me via this journal, send me a DA note or email me on

On another note... FREE EBOOKS

The first book in the Legends of Origin series, Sanctuary for the Devil, is available from Smashwords.

Until the end of January 2012, this book will be FREE to download from Smashwords:

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: MU85Y
Expires: January 31, 2012

I'm still doing research on Book 2 in the series, so I've decided to extend my offer of a free anthology eBook to anyone who answers my scenario questions below by the first week in January. The free eBook is one of my anthologies of your choice.


1. You wake up tomorrow morning to see alien spaceships hovering above your city. What is your first reaction?

2. You discover they're a friendly species - what is your reaction then?

3. How well do you think you would handle an encounter with aliens?

Anthology choices can be browsed on my Smashwords profile.

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