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Welcome to Mantipalooza

Mantipalooza is a group dedicated to the casual enjoyment of any and all of PhloxeButt's species! (A couple burrdog ones too!) Mantipalooza is not an ARPG, although you may find our ARPG for many of these species at Crederia!

All of the species featured in this group are Closed, please do not make your own!


What are the species?

This group is meant for ALL of PhloxeButt's species, along with a couple of burrdog's! The species list is as follows:
Mantibabs, Kantis, Skullcrackers, Lelokos, Pawbirds, Prima Ciel, Phloxe, Fishy Children, Tolls, and Bowroo!

What can you do here?

Mantipalooza serves as a place where people who want to casually enjoy their various PhloxeButt species can hang out and connect! You can post general species art, crafts, species-relevant YCHs, and more! Check out our gallery to browse all kinds of art!

For the more active PhloxeButt species lover, we recommend you check out our ARPG, Crederia! More info can be found in that group!

Interested in getting an adopt?

PhloxeButt is the account to look at for adoptables for sale! Sometimes designs will be available by burrdog and those can also be found on PhloxeButt's account! Most species are acquired usually via auction or flatsale, but you can check out the Crederia ARPG for occasional events like Draw-to-Adopts and free raffles!

If you'd like to know more about the Mantibab species, you should check out the species website here! (We will have links to other species websites soon!)

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask one of the mods (especially burrdog since they're usually the one answering questions ;P)

Thank you so much!

Gallery Folders

Species Resources
::Personal:: - Weiss by PhloxeButt
[The Hallowed Hour] || Trick or Treat (closed!) by PhloxeButt
[Auction] :: Summer Skyline [closed] by PhloxeButt
[Flat Sale] : First Time Owner March!  (CLOSED) by PhloxeButt
[Custom] Neat-Cat by PhloxeButt
General Species Art
[Comm] TheLieutenant II by Lunecy
[Comm] TheLieutenant by Lunecy
Milo Icon by Xe-Li
Marcel Aug 2020 by feltstickers
Pixel Work
[P] flower child by guqqi
For Vai by TheLieutenant
Mantibab - Mason Pixel by TheLieutenant
a sad melody by Staarbytes
Humanoid AU
Aashir doodle by TheLieutenant
this head I hold by hellsfruit
WOW by JeanPolnareff
Nya by JeanPolnareff
Crafts and Things
Keiji sculpture by Lizuka-Hayashi
Mantibab Plush: Kit by NoxxPlush
+MERC SCULPT BLANKS+ by SomnolentVerse
YCH and Commissions and such
Closed species YCH because I need money badly! by uqv
YCH: Squishy Pads Chibis Multi Species - CLOSED by Mad-Izoku
Huge CS YCH Dump (Tent. Open Now accepting Points) by YixxiePie
[$] Tsuna 1 of 3 by Revska
old Pockets Prompts
Beach Episode (Part 2) - Pocket by smallducky
Beach Episode - Pocket by smallducky
Are you afraid of the Dark? by Coffee-ARPG
Are you afraid of the Dark? by Coffee-ARPG



PhloxeButt is the main artist and creator of mantibabs! i am here to oversee the group and maintain the rules and regulations of the species. I am very willing to answer questions not answered on the site! I am not readily available most of the time so if you have a dire question please note burr or nan and they will get into direct contact with me.

burrdog skulks around, always watching. Burr handles most of the correspondences with members concerning how things work. They sometimes act as a voice for phloxe.

Siliciaaa has taken over the trading journal responsibility and can help you with that.


Navigation Menu

Terms of Service - Please make sure to read through if you own or plan to own any PhloxeButt species!

Mantibab Site - Currently holds all proper information about Mantibabs as a species! (unfinished, and more websites may be added soon!)

Group Rules - Please make sure to read through and make sure you understand before you enter prompts or contests!

Mantibab Check-In Desk - For Mantibabs only! If you're looking to make some minor edits to your bab, (NOT for Crederia specific upgrades), this would be the place to do it! For ANY OTHER SPECIES, please note PhloxeButt directly about your ideas!

Mantibab Matchmaking - If you are looking for a roleplay partner, you can advertise on this journal!


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is there any info on leloko's? i tried to find some but there doesn't seem to be any!
CursedGraveDigger Featured By Owner May 15, 2019
where do i notify the change of a mantibab/leloko's owner from trades n stuff?
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FelixSpiritDragon Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Just wondering how much are Manti MYO price? :>
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Is there mantibab discord? 
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dAMizan Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
hi there! I just obtained a Mantibab in a trade and I was wondering if there's a master list I need to add to or..?
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