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I Want to Believe

By manticor
Ha I made a stamp! Basically if you've ever seen X-Files, I made this from the poster that Mulder had in his office. Had to lower the UFO in the sky so it would fit without looking too out of proportion. Overall I like the way it came out. And obviously, I'm a big X-Files fan. Fight the Future. :nod:

Update: Woo new X-Files movie title is I Want to Believe! Can't wait for July 25th! :w00t!:
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I beleive in aliens 100% so i shall be using this stamp c:

also, because of X-Files aswell :D
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Deny everything
Everything dies
Deceive, inveigle, obfuscate
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Thanks a lot! :)
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oh! oh! Sweet! I'm going to use this one. Thank you :)
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Haha, I have this as a poster in my room.

Great stamp, :+favlove:
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Hi man, check out [link]
An "I want to believe" movie is su... um, bad IMO. Just watch it until the very end.
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I've loved this series for years now. XD Just went to see the new movie last night~ It was pretty good I think. :B Might have preffered a little more... paranormal things going on, but oh well. XD The first movie was way better for that I'd say. X3 I haaaave to use this, so thanks for making it~:heart: :giggle:
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YEY!!! : D
I just started watching X-Files. My parents got a DVD box set of the first season. LOL
I love it. =3
X-files, Star trek, Roswell, whatever, we will find other life forms, somewhere, someday...:ufo: :alientwo:
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Somewhere, someday. I want to believe. :)
NASA has found evidence that water and rivers have existed on Mars, so, we have a long way to go, what say you?
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i love the stamp it works REALLY well!!! i also love the x files and cant w8 4 the new 1 to be out!!!
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Thanks a lot! Me neither! And sorry about the delay of my response...
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dont worry im now l8 for responding to this now we all do it... i cant w8 for the movie its only 8 days to go now (im so sad im actually counting down) but its tomorrow if u live in america, canada or australia (lucky u if u do) lol
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I really like how you did it :)
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Thanks a lot! Sorry for my slow response...
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