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Step Ashore!


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Mantakits are small bipedal creatures that live on a far hidden island within the Bermuda Triangle. Their existence is their little secret, that has been kept for years and years, and many years to come as their civilization continues to grow. Mantakit civilization is said to closely resemble our own, seeing as they have their own houses, shops, electricity, and even celebratory events.

Each member no matter when they join, earn one free common only MYO. They have their own free will to design that MYO however they like, as long as it follows the trait sheet.

Sprite Rip: Clam Seashell by a-good-boy

The Fishing Well . The Weekly Catch . The Bank . General Rules . Mantakit Central

This month's prompt: October 2018
It's that time again, grab your costumes and buckets, Halloween is around the corner and it's time to get spoopy!! Draw your Mantakit in their Halloween Costume, Trick or Treating, or Carving some Jack O' Lanterns!! Each Entry will earn 500 shells. All entries must be a Fullbody or 500 words in total.


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