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Leftover stuff from Desucon 2011s Artist alley! Please guys take a look, I'd really appreciate it~! > w < I would like to get rid of these and if someone wanted to buy something I'd be really glad!
If you are finnish I can take the item you want to for example Animecon if you are going (coz I'm not getting a table to Animecon) or something. Mail is just okay too, then we just have to talk about payment methods. You can also pay with PayPal so it's not a problem if you are not finnish : 3

Here's listed every single item there is still left. I think this time there's pretty clear pics (compared to the last ones), but if you want better pics then just ask.

1. CHIBI PRINTS :bulletred:4€ / print:bulletred:
:bulletgreen: Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto (5 ones left)
:bulletgreen: FLCL (4 ones left)
:bulletgreen: Shiki (5 ones left)
:bulletgreen: Clannad (3 ones left)
:bulletgreen: Arakawa Under the Bridge (5 ones left)
:bulletgreen: Katekyo Hitman Reborn (4 ones left)

2. SMALLER STICKERS :bulletred:1€ / sticker:bulletred:
:bulletblue: Keroro Gunsou (2 ones left)
:bulletblue: Katekyo Hitman Reborn (2 ones left)
:bulletblue: Yondemasu yo! Azazel-san (2 ones left)
:bulletblue: Nyoron Churuya-san (3 ones left)
:bulletblue: FLCL (2 ones left)
:bulletblue: Mameshiba (2 ones left)

3. BIGGER STICKERS :bulletred: 1,50€ / sticker:bulletred:
:bulletpurple: FLCL (2 ones left)
:bulletpurple: Clannad (4 ones left)
:bulletpurple: Aria (one left)
:bulletpurple: Pokemon (one left)
:bulletpurple: Soul Eater //SOLD//
:bulletpurple: Alien Nine (one left)
:bulletpurple: Death Note (2 ones left)
:bulletpurple: Yondemasu yo! Azazel-san (2 ones left)

4. BIG PRINT :bulletred:7€ / print:bulletred:
:bulletpink: Kuchu Buranko (7 ones left)

5. KEYCHAINS :bulletred:4€ / keychain:bulletred:
:bulletyellow: Soul Eater [Soul // Maka] (one left)
:bulletyellow: Death Note [L // cake] (one left)

I'd be really thankful if someone was kind enough to buy anything listed here! Don't be shy, I really don't want to keep these! :''D Feel free to ask questions too! > w < You can comment here or send a note if you are interested. Thanks for looking! :heart:
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I hate to bother about something so trivial, but you seem to have your shit together, so I must ask- where do you get your prints printed out? I might be doing Comicon artist's alley, and I'm having such a hard time finding somewhere that will print under $20, but I want to make them affordable for people.