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:iconmanpersonguy:Manpersonguy posted a status
I was gonna post some song lyrics as a way of saying something's up, but I figure I'll be straightforward about it.

I emotionally feel like shit. I have some sort of depression where I start the day off moderately okay, then eventually shift into complete and utter shit in the evening and night. I want to get help for it, but the province's mental health program is such shite that I have to wait until late May for an appointment that I scheduled in February. So for those months inbetween I'm stuck finding reasons to not just lie in bed all day because I can't work up the motivation to do anything.

Of course I'm not so depressed as to contemplate self-harm, but it's still a shitty, shitty situation to be in.

And as much as I know you guys don't want me to be this way, it'll take a lot more than some well-wishing comments to actually have an effect. I honestly wish that was all it took, but unfortunately it isn't.

So all in all, I won't give up on doing stuff I promised, but please understand if I take a little bit to do it.

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Sergy92 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure, man. Take your time.
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