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Or: 'Room for Dessert?'

This story contains both Male and Female Blueberry Expansion.

*Hilbert defeated Gym Leader Cilan!*

“What a surprise... You are very strong, aren't you? I guess my brothers wouldn't have been able to defeat you either…” Cilan said, placing the Trio Badge in Hilbert’s hands. “Now, tradition says that my brothers and I must prepare a celebratory meal for you. Your Pokémon are of course invited to enjoy it as well. After all, they did do most of the battling.”

“Sounds great!” Replied Hilbert. For the past few days since he started his journey, Hilbert had barely eaten anything. If he had known that he could get a proper meal by defeating his first Gym Leader, he’d have done it days ago. He took out his Pokéballs and opened them up, releasing his Lillipup, Audino, and Pansear. Oshawott, who was already out of his Pokéball, rushed over to the nearest table before he was picked up by Cilan.

“Sorry little guy, you gotta sit at a special table made just for Pokémon.” Cilan told the water type otter.

Oshawott started to pout, “Osha Osh.” it muttered.

“Sorry! Rules are rules. We don’t want a repeat of… The Incident.” The Green-haired waiter shuddered. He didn’t want to think about what happened with that kid and another trainer’s Hypno and Zoroark.

Within minutes the food was at their tables. Roasts, cakes, and everything in between were sitting there, attracting the attention of the young trainer and his equally hungry Pokémon.

“Alright guys, let’s dig in!” Said Hilbert, eagerly. As if on cue, his team started scarfing down everything at their table. Hilbert tried not to pig out completely, but he was starving, and this was all for him and his team. He couldn’t really help himself.

By the end of the meal, his Pokémon were left satisfied, and returned to their Pokéballs for a nap. Hilbert was satisfied too, but couldn’t help but think that maybe he went a little overboard; over the course of the meal, he had stuffed himself so much, it looked like he was hiding a small beach ball underneath his jacket. But still, the discomfort was worth it.

“Oh, Trainer, I-” Cilan stopped dead in his tracks, noticing Hilbert’s belly. “...You really enjoyed your feast, I take it?” Hilbert nodded in silent agreement, clutching his belly with both hands. “Well, I just came in to tell you that we’ve prepared a small dessert for you as well: a slice of our special Oran Berry Pie.”

Hilbert was conflicted. On the one hand, he was fit to burst already, and it would take a lot of exercise to work off those pounds he inevitably put on. On the other hand, it was delicious-looking. And besides, it would just go to waste if he didn’t have it. “Sure, I’ll have a piece.” He said.

Moments later, all three of the triplets came in. Chili and Cress were both as shocked by Hilbert’s gut as their brother. “Holy crap, you’re huge!” Yelled Chili. “So, when are you due?” Snarked Cress. Hilbert was unamused at their joking. “Hey, I defeated your brother fair and square, I’m pretty sure I could take you both down as well, even like this!”

“Fair enough. Here, you’ve earned it.” Replied Cress, handing Hilbert the slice of pie.

Hilbert licked his lips at the sight of the dessert, he never had an Oran Berry Pie before. Come to think of it, he never had an Oran Berry before either. Whatever the case, he sliced the pie into a smaller, bite-sized piece, and put it in his mouth. The flavor was…. Indescribable, nothing he had ever tasted in his life was equal to the taste he had in his mouth.

“Hey, this is really good!” He said to the triplets, already hard at work cleaning the mountain of dirty dishes. Over the next few minutes, Hilbert finished off the pie, enjoying each bite.

Cilan came out a few minutes later to see him off. “Well, thanks for the battle. If you ever want to do this again, you know where to find us.” “If it means another meal like this, I’ll be sure to come back!” Replied Hilbert. “Oh wait, you’ve got a bit of blue on your nose. Here, let me get that for you.” The waiter took a napkin from his pocket, and gave it to the trainer.

Hilbert wiped his face with the napkin, thinking he got the blue off of his nose. “Did I get it off?” He asked.

Cilan stepped back in shock. “Um, I think you might have made it a bit worse.” He replied, nervously.

Hilbert raised his eyebrow. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, your entire face is sort of blue now, and… Are those freckles?” the waiter exclaimed as he showed the blue faced boy a mirror.

“Whoa, what’s happening to me?” Hilbert asked, in shock. Looking down at his hands, he noticed them turning blue, as well.

“Well,” explained Cilan, rubbing the back of his neck. “Some people tend to have a rather… Adverse reaction to certain berries, such as Oran Berries.”

“How adverse are we talking!?” Hilbert yelped.

“Um... “ Cilan said, sweating. “We’re talking ‘swell up into a giant Oran Berry’ adverse.”

Hilbert looked back into the mirror. Not only was his face blue and freckled, but his hair had turned a deep blue as well! He lifted up his jacket next. His belly was blue and spotted as well, and it seemed to be growing.

“What do I do, what do I do?” Asked Hilbert, his belly still swelling up. “Don’t just stand there! You need to get out of here, there’s no telling how big you’ll get!” Yelled Cilan, as he pushed the boy outside.

By the time he had reached the doorway, Hilbert had to be squeezed through it, landing belly-first on the sidewalk. “Ow...” he groaned, as he bounced a little off of the concrete.
He stood back up, noting that it took a lot more energy to get back on his feet. “Oh, I can’t believe this is happening.”

As soon as he was on his feet again, Hilbert quickly waddled off toward the Dreamyard. He couldn’t bear to let anyone see him like this!



Hilbert heard the noises coming from his body. He turned to see that his butt was also growing, along with his belly! “Great. Now my butt’s bigger than Hilda’s.” he said. Looking down at his stomach, he noticed his jacket riding up his ever-expanding gut. His binge caused it to bulge just a bit, exposing some skin; with his body now swelling up with juice, his stomach was now out and center, making his shirt more like a small tank top on his body.

With his arse now expanding, his lower body looked more and more spherical, making him look more like a pear. “Please tell me this is as big as I get,” Hilbert whimpered. As if on cue, his chest was now starting to swell, as his body started to take on a more spherical shape. While his body was growing, his arms and legs stayed the same, retreating into his body, leaving only his hands and feet in the open. “Come on, I don’t think I can take anymore!” He cried. His neck sunk into his shoulders, and he became perfectly spherical. “Oh, why do I keep tempting fate?”

While the trainer thought that was the end of his expansion, he was very wrong.


HIlbert felt his feet beginning to puff up, growing bigger and bigger in the confines of his shoes.



The soles of his shoes gave way, as his feet were expanding at a slower, but still hasty, rate with his body. He turned his head to see that his hands decided to join in the swelling. His fingers were now like blue sausages, held together by a simple blue ball. He could feel himself getting taller as well, as his body stretched even further to accommodate all of the Oran Berry juice inside him.

As he swelled bigger and bigger, the feeling of pressure increased dramatically. As much as he hated to admit it, it felt sort of good.

By the time he stopped growing, Hilbert had turned into a massive Oran Berry, looming above the treeline of the forest, and easily dwarfing the buildings in Striaton City. “It’s a good thing the triplets got me out of there,” he thought to himself, “I’d have leveled the place for sure.”

Hilbert was overcome with a range of feelings: The oddly-satisfying pressure of the juice, the grass brushing against his feet, and the tingling feeling running throughout his body. “Oh, why does it feel so… nice?” He asked, his eyelids starting to droop. With nothing else to do but grow, Hilbert drifted off to sleep.

Hilbert was awoken from his nap by a couple of rather unpleasant jabs. “Holy crap, are you okay?” Cried a voice from below him. “Here, I’ll try to roll you on your belly.” Hilbert recognized that voice. It was Hilda, his best friend that he just so happened to have a crush on, and the last person on Earth he wanted seeing him all blown up like this.

Hilda released her team of Tepig, Purrloin, Blitzle and Patrat. “Okay guys, on the count of three, we push. 1, 2… 3!”

Hilbert felt himself start to move. “Hey, what are you guys doing back there?” He asked, before feeling himself start to tip over. Hilbert was already unaccustomed to heights; the fact that he felt like he was falling out of the sky didn’t help with that.

Finally lying on his massive, blue belly, Hilbert opened his eyes, only to see Hilda staring right at him. “Whoa! Hilbert, is that you?” Hilbert nodded his head. Hilda laughed in disbelief, “So, wanna explain why you’re a gigantic Oran Berry?” She asked.

“Well, it all started when I defeated the first gym leader….” Hilbert started to say before he heard something he never wanted to hear in front of his crush...



Hilbert’s clothes had enough and tore off from him, now leaving him in his black Pokéball Boxers. The blushing was so intense, his face looked less like an Oran Berry and more like a Wiki berry.

“Nice boxers, Berry-Boy.” Hilda smirked. Hilbert closed his eyes and hoped it would be over soon. “Since it’s just the two of us here, why don’t we have a little fun?” She added.

Hilda started poking and prodding Hilbert’s massive midsection, to his discomfort. “Hey, knock it off! That stings, you know!” He groaned.

“Well if you don’t like it, you should try to stop me!” Replied Hilda, “Oh wait… You can’t.” She kept poking Hilbert, causing him to jiggle and creak slightly.

After a few minutes of this, Hilda finally started to walk off. “Is it over now?” Thought Hilbert.

It wasn’t over. Hilda turned around, and sprinted towards Hilbert, jumping and bouncing off of him and landing on the forest floor.

The sudden shock made Hilbert spit out a bit of juice. “Hilda, stop it! I told you, that really hurts!” He cried out.

“Oh, quit whining you big blue baby. I’m having fun.” Hilda noticed the juice on her shirt. “Look at what you did to my shirt! If this doesn’t come out, I'll make you pay for it!”

“Hmm... You know what? I’ve never actually had Oran Juice before.” Said Hilda. She started to squeeze Hilbert, making him spit out some more juice. Hilda collected the juice in her hands, and drank it.

“Hey, this is actually pretty good!” She said. Hilbert noticed that her nose had started to turn blue. “Hey Hilda, you got a bit of juice on your face.” He said, smugly.

“What do you mean? Did you do something to me?” She wiped off her face, not knowing that her entire face turned blue as well.

“What do you think of your new look?” Hilbert snarked. “I think you’ll grow to like it soon enough!”

Hilda looked at her hands, which also turned a deep blue. “Hilbert, I swear, if I turn into an Oran Berry like you I’m going to kick your butt!” She fumed.

“That’s going to be a bit difficult for you,” Hilbert shot back, “I can’t move an inch! Who says you won’t get as big?”

Hilda’s skin was now as blue as the Oran berry that was in front of her, with her hair also a rich navy colour. Hilda looked down to her stomach, and to her surprise, it wasn’t expanding! “HA!” She said “Looks like I’m not…”


Hilda looked behind herself, to see her already large butt growing even bigger! Her shorts were already hanging on from her natural sized rear, but now they were starting to rip.

“Wow, and I thought my butt had gotten big,” Hilbert joked. “That’s what you get for using me like a bouncy castle!”

“Hey, at least I can still move!” Hilda responded. She tried to add to that comment until…


Her short shorts were now small pieces of Denim, only leaving her white panties on display. The expanding trainer’s belly decided to join in with the fun, giving some needed counterweight to her rear. “Ooh, I don’t feel too good anymore...” She moaned, as she started to feel a pressure in her stomach.

“I’m sorry, what was that about still being mobile?” Asked Hilbert, mockingly. After all Hilda had put him through, it was satisfying to watch her get her just desserts as well.

“S-shut up! I can still take you on!” Yelled Hilda, trying desperately to hide her fear. Her arms and legs started to swell alongside the rest of her body, and her admittedly small breasts started to fill out as well.

“I’d love to see you try,” Hilbert said. “Look at me, I’m easily bigger than a Wailord! I could squish you just by rolling over a little.”

Hilda’s body started to round out a little, her shirt and vest being strained to their limits. She tried to waddle back into the city for help, but ended up falling face-first on the ground, continuing to expand. “Okay, this might sound weird, but… This actually feels sort of comfortable.”

Hilbert grinned. “I know right? I don’t know why either. Maybe it’s the tightness, maybe it’s the juice…” He wondered.


Hilda’s vest and shirt were no match to her expanding breasts, through her bra was still holding on. Hilbert blushed at the sight of Hilda’s new giant boobs, and she noticed him start to swell up even more. “Is that a Diglett in your underwear, Or do you like what you see?” She teased.

Over time, Hilda kept swelling up until she was nearly the same size as Hilbert, and the two were face to face. Hilda winked at Hilbert. “Hey, you.” She said playfully, rolling herself towards him.

Hilbert barely had any time to respond before Hilda started to kiss him. They both started to feel themselves blow up again, but they didn’t care. It was just the two of them, out in the middle of nowhere.

That is, until their friends Cheren and Bianca showed up.

“See, I told you that there was something weird out here!” Said Bianca, dragging Cheren behind her.

“Okay, okay. I believe you now…” Cheren muttered.

Hilbert and Hilda’s eyes both shot open when they head the voices, and tried desperately to roll away from each other. “Hey, Cheren. Mind giving us a hand?” Hilbert said nervously.

“Hilbert? Hilda? What the heck happened to you guys?” Cheren asked, looking at the two colossal berries.

“Long story short, it turns out we share a nasty allergy to Oran Berries.”

“We have to get you guys to the professor! Bianca, help me roll them back to Nuvema!” Cheren exclaimed.

After a day of rolling them back home, and a few more days of juicing, Hilbert and Hilda were mostly back to normal. They still had a few freckles, and their bellies and bums were larger than before, and still a bit blue. Hilbert’s belly was larger than Hilda’s, though, due to the feast.

“Alright, the swelling should go away within a couple days,” Said Professor Juniper. “Until then, I want the two of you to stay home for a little while.”

“Thanks again, Professor,” Said Hilbert, “But what should we do if this happens again?”

Professor Juniper looked a bit confused. “This should only happen again if either of you eat an Oran Berry or drink its juice, and I don’t see why you would want to do that after what happened.” She explained.

Hilbert and Hilda grinned at one another.

*Hilbert and Hilda learned Rollout!*
Awww yeah, here comes my first story! Made by me and master wordsmith Toonrick2012. We adapted it from this little piece of mine: Like any Pokémon adaptation, though, it kind of went off and did it's own thing.

Aw snap son, we got a sequel!

Now with illustrations!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

Now in fabulous Technicolour, by the talented Toonrick2012!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

Now with a special guest colouring by BittyHeart!
Part 4:

Tell me what you think in the comments!
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That's kinda grotesque, but you have a good imagination.
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Pretty good story
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