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“It’s gonna be a beautiful day today, as Nimbasa City kicks off its twentieth annual Heroes Day Parade-”

Hilbert turned the radio off. He had been here since early yesterday evening helping set up for the celebrations, and it was starting to wear him out. His Dewott was out and assisting him as well. “There,” He said wearily, putting the last box of noisemakers on the table. “Done.” Dewott crossed his arms in satisfaction. “Ott!”

“Hey there, Hilbie! Whatcha doin’ here so early?” Hilda said, a tray of coffee in hand. Hilbert turned around, glaring at her. “Where were you? You were supposed to be helping out last night, like the rest of us!” He said, clearly upset.

“I was… busy.” Hilda said as memories of last night’s wild party danced in her head. “Besides, it looks like you guys have got everything under control anyway. Hey, where’s everyone else?”

“They left to get some sleep. I ended up working late covering for you.” Grumbled Hilbert, as he made his way to the hangar where the parade floats would be kept.

“Oh, don’t be such a grump all the time, that’s Cheren’s job.” Hilda joked, following him. “Besides, I brought coffee!”

The tired young man snatched a cup out of the tray, and sat down against the hangar wall. “I’m going to sleep.” He yawned. “You can handle the rest, there’s a list of what’s left to do over on the table. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a well-deserved nap.” With that, he put his hat over his eyes and drifted off. Dewott followed suit and returned to his ball.

Hilda spent the next few minutes shuffling about the area, making it appear she was working while waiting to make sure that Hilbert had fallen asleep. After she was sure of it, she snuck back into the hangar.

Noticing one of the hoses used for inflating parade floats, a nasty plot hatched in her head. Taking the hose, she approached the sleeping trainer, carefully pulling his pants down slightly…

A few minutes later, Hilbert awoke to a strange hissing noise, and an even stranger fullness in his stomach, like the time he stuffed himself silly after beating the Striaton Trio, or when he filled up on the honey at the Castelia City Gym. And yet, at the same time he felt downright hollow...

Hilbert went to rub his eyes, but panicked when he realized he couldn’t move his arms. Then it dawned on him. Over the course of his nap, Hilda had stuck one of the hoses in his behind, turning him into a 10-foot-wide and growing balloon of a boy.

“Aww, look who’s up. How’re you feeling, Hilbie?” Hilda taunted. “Stop calling me that! What the heck did you do to me, anyway?” The inflating trainer yelled, as he ballooned out another 5 feet. His jacket was still holding, although his belly had started to show itself underneath long ago.

“Gee Hilbert, I was just playing a prank.” Said Hilda, feigning innocence. “You should really learn to ‘lighten up’!”

Hilbert’s body surged out another few feet, taking Hilda by surprise. “This isn’t funny! Why are you doing this to me?” He whimpered as the helium kept pushing into his body, lifting him up off of the ground. He tried to release some of the gas building up inside of him, but only managed to make himself let out a petite burp.

“Excuse you.” The female trainer joked. “Anyway, like I said earlier, you guys seem to have everything else ready. So I took it upon myself to start filling up the parade balloons!” With that, she pulled out a baseball from her satchel, bouncing it off of the boy’s rounded body as he squeaked in discomfort.

Hilbert continued to expand, eventually reaching 20 feet as Hilda continued to play a game of one-sided catch with his torso. She eventually caught the ball, putting it back in her bag and making the inflating trainer breathe a sigh of pained relief.

“Hold up, there’s something I’ve always wanted to try.” Hilda said as she climbed up Hilbert’s side. Reaching the top, she laid down in front of his head, which had begun to sink into the rest of his body alongside his arms and legs.

“I’ve always wondered how good of a trampoline you’d make, Hilbie.” Hilda said, emphasizing his nickname just to tick him off. Hilbert tried shaking his head, but his body was too large to allow him to. “You’re one sick Lillipup, you know that?” He grumbled at her. Hilda didn’t seem to care for his attitude as she simply ignored him and started bouncing.

Every bounce she did made the helium inside of Hilbert try to escape through his mouth, but all that came out was a series of little burps, cutting him off every time he tried to talk. Eventually, Hilda got tired of jumping on her new bouncy-castle, and decided to take a nap of her own. “Now let’s see how good of a bed you make.” She said drowsily, as she started to go to sleep.

As she rested, Hilbert continued to grow, his head hitting the ceiling. “Hilda, wake up!” He pleaded, “Please don’t let me burst!”

A half-hour or so later, Hilda woke up to the sounds of creaking and straining. Getting up, she smacked her head off of one of the support beams on the ceiling. “Oh crap, you’re really full now!” She shouted, rubbing her head. “I’d better turn it off before you burst.” She slid down Hilbert’s massive body, and turned the pump valve shut.

She couldn’t have done it at a better time. While she napped, Hilbert had nearly quadrupled in size, becoming a 70-foot wide balloon, filled to the brim with helium and starting to let off several creaks, moans and other noises. “Hilda, please help me...” He groaned, trying to wiggle his fingers and toes. Unfortunately for him, they were too full of helium to move.

A couple of minutes later Cheren walked in, hoping to help out with any last-minute setting up. Looking at the gigantic balloon before him, he was confused. “I thought we weren’t filling these up until an hour before the parade.” He muttered. “Odd pattern, too. It looks a little like…”

The trainer’s mouth hung open as he put the pieces together. The huge, helium-filled sphere in front of him wasn’t any regular parade balloon, but his best friend!

“Hilbert, are you alright? What happened? Hold on, I’ll find a way to fix this!” He shouted, hoping he was loud enough for the blimped trainer to hear him. “Cheren, is that you? Thank goodness you’re here…” He sighed.

Hilda poked her head out from around the corner. “You like what I did with him? We thought that using the same old balloons each year was getting stale, so Hilbie here volunteered to replace one of them!” She joked, giving Hilbert a good slap and listening to the resulting boinging sound.

Cheren was downright furious. “This isn’t a joke! Don’t you know that what you’re doing to Hilbert is seriously hurting him? As his friend, I demand that you return him to normal right now!” He shouted at the girl. He then turned his attention to Hilbert, putting a hand on his globular body. “You’re going to be okay, buddy.”

As he consoled his puffy friend, Hilda snuck up behind Cheren, getting the drop on him and shoving another hose up his rear as well. “I’m sorry Cheren, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” She said, watching as his stomach shot out in front of him, reaching 5 feet wide in seconds.

“W-What the heck are you doing?” Sputtered Cheren, struggling to take the hose out as his chest, legs and arms all started to fill with helium. “Get this hose out of me this instant, or I’ll…”

“...You’ll what?” Hilda taunted, prodding the boy’s swelling belly. “In a few seconds you won’t be able to move an inch, and after 20 minutes or so you’ll be just another parade balloon.” She gave him a shove and watched as he started floating off the ground, his body already spherical and doubling in size.

As Cheren continued to expand, Hilda grabbed him by the feet, picked him up and threw him into Hilbert’s side, causing both the ballooning boys to yelp in surprise as Cheren bounced off.

“Look at how big you’re getting!” Hilda said excitedly as she gave Cheren’s inflating body a squeeze. “This is going to be the greatest parade yet!”

Over time, Cheren filled out, reaching Hilbert’s size and floating beside him in the hangar. Fortunately for the bespectacled trainer, Hilda had decided to leave him alone for the most part as he continued to grow larger and larger, apart from the occasional poke and prod at his exposed belly.

“You know, this isn’t that bad, when you get used to it.” Hilbert admitted, leaning his head back. “It’s actually strangely relaxing.”

Cheren looked over at his equally-expanded friend and let out a sarcastic laugh. “Really? She turns the two of us into a couple of blimps, and you’re okay with that?”

The other inflated boy sighed. “No, of course I’m not, I’ve been stuck like this since this morning! I’m just saying that it’s not as bad when Hilda isn’t throwing things at you or using you as her personal trampoline.”

“Well it’s been fun, boys, but I’ve gotta go if I want to get a good spot to see the parade!” Yelled Hilda, walking out of the hangar and straight into Bianca, knocking both of them down.

“Sorry I’m late Hilda! I got caught up in some stuff.” Bianca said sheepishly, picking herself up. “Hey, where did Hilbert and Cheren go? I’m not that late, am I?”

Hilda simply pointed over her shoulder towards the boys. “They’re going to be our new balloons this year.” She said. “I’ve gotta head out now, I don’t want to get stuck in the crowd.”

“Oh, cool!” Squealed Bianca, jumping up and down excitedly. “I wanna be a balloon too!”

A thought crossed Hilda’s mind. By pumping Bianca up too, she could get away with inflating all three of her friends, and nobody else would be any the wiser…

“Sure, Bianca! You just put one of those hoses in your mouth, and I’ll go start the pump again.” She said slyly, anticipating getting to watch the three of them slowly float down the main street.

“C’mon Hilda, I want you to be a balloon, too! That way we can all go be in the parade!” Said Bianca, momentarily taking the hose out. “I’d love to, but I don’t really like-”

Hilda was interrupted by Bianca putting the hose in her mouth, and cranking the valve open. The brunette tried to get the hose out to no avail as her body almost instantly swelled out into a globular shape. Bianca was downright ecstatic, though, as she began swelling as well, her dress growing tighter and tighter and exposing her orange panties. Hilda squirmed and wriggled as she felt her butt starting to widen as well, enraged that her plan had come crashing down.

“Look who wants to join us in the parade, Cheren!” Hilbert snarked, peering over the horizon of his body to see the two inflating girls. “Aw, how sweet of her.” Cheren replied smugly. Hilda’s face turned red with both embarrassment and anger as she tried to flip the two off.

Time passed, the girls inflated, and it was now an hour before the parade was set to start. Elesa, the local Gym Leader, had come down to the hangars to check on the balloons, like she did every year. What she saw before her, however, wasn’t like any other year.

“...What’s going on here?” Elesa asked, arms crossed. For the four blimps floating before her, time practically froze.

“Tell her, Hilda. After all, you got us all into this mess…” Hilbert said smugly, bumping into her. “Alright, alright.” She huffed. “We were trying to fill the balloons early, and we got into an accident with the hoses. Could you please help us out?”

“Liar, that’s not what happened at all!” Cheren shouted. “What really happened is that she blew Hilbert and I up for giggles, and then tricked Bianca into inflating herself as well! At least now she’s stuck here with us.”

The two massive trainers began to argue about what happened, shouting and crashing into one another. “Alright, that’s enough!” Elesa shouted. “I don’t know what happened to you guys, and quite honestly I don’t care right now. I’d deflate the four of you, but you’ve used up all of the helium, and it’s only an hour until the parade starts…”

“You’re not actually going to put us in the parade, are you?” Hilda asked, timidly.

An hour later the parade was in motion, with bands and floats and all kinds of excited, cheering people. The highlights of the parade, however, were its four newest balloons, which had just started to make their way down the main road behind the National Unovan Marching Band.

As embarrassed as he was floating through downtown as a giant blimp before thousands of people, Hilbert had to admit that it wasn’t all bad. After all, it was somewhat relaxing, everybody was happy, the weather was beautiful, and he was positioned right behind Hilda, getting a great view of her massively-inflated butt.

Bianca was thrilled as well. Not only did she get to be one of the stars of the parade alongside her best friends, but she had a good view of Hilbert’s own impressively-sized behind. Cheren was at the back of the four, trying his best not to look up Bianca’s relatively tiny dress. The fact that she wiggled around every time the parade stopped for a second made that challenge even harder for him, however.

Meanwhile in the crowd, Professor Juniper looked on at the four parade floats. “Hmm… those look like the kids, oddly enough,” She thought to herself, making sure to take pictures of them. “It’s a shame they couldn’t make it. They would’ve loved to see this!”
So here's something that had been wasting away on my Google Drive forever, and I thought it was high time I posted it.
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