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Jaran Sath

Race: Twi'lek
Sex: all the time, baby Male
Eyes: Red
Skin: Green
Height: 6'3"

Backstory: Jaran Sath is a courier with a checkered past. On his homeworld of Tatooine, Jaran worked as a repairman at one of the planet's smaller spaceports, learning how to fix almost everything short of a Capital Ship. On his way back home one night, however, Jaran was jumped by a couple of thugs and kidnapped, taken to Nar Shaddaa to become one of Korvo the Hutt's personal dancers.

Jaran spent the next decade as a dancer in Korvo's private club/palace on the deteriorated city planet, alongside many other Twi'leks and other individuals forced into the Hutt's servitude.

After a long time though, Jaran finally made his escape with the help of one of the club's patrons, a Human Bounty Hunter named Talak Sadaya. The escape was rigorous, having to fight off monsters in the sewers beneath Korvo's club, and at one point even having to be frozen in carbonite in order to avoid detection.

Once he was a free man, Jaran and Talak travelled for a while in the Mangy Womprat, a surplus troop carrier from the Clone Wars. Talak and Jaran's partnership ended when Talak vanished without a trace one day, leaving Jaran not only the Womprat, but his debts as well.

Trying to make ends meet and pay off his partner's debts, Jaran took up a job as a courier, a position he calls 'legal smuggling'. But with an entire galaxy full of strange and fantastic things and a plethora of packages to deliver, Jaran is in for quite a few adventures along the way...
Hey, here's that OC I just drew. Ain't that something?
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May 25, 2017
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