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It was another beautiful day in Lumiose City. The sun was shining, the Fletchlings were singing, and Calem was sitting in one of the city’s many cafes thinking of a way to impress his neighbour and crush, Serena.

“Pssst…” Shauna, another one of Calem’s friends was sitting at another table, trying to get his attention.

“What is it, Shauna…” Calem asked, somewhat annoyed. “Well, I was gonna tell you something that’s sure to make Serena notice you, but I guess I won’t now…” She teased.

Calem perked up in his seat. “I’m listening…” He said, leaning towards her.

“Well, alright. You didn’t hear it from me, but I heard that Serena’s into blowing people up, if you catch my drift…” She whispered. Calem looked confused. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“You know, like balloons. If you want to get her attention, you should try getting your hands on an air tank or something, and become a big balloon for her.” She said.

“...Okay.” Said Calem, slightly weirded out. “Thanks for letting me know.” He packed up his things and left.

Shauna looked down at her Sylveon, a mean-looking smirk spreading across her face. “Hehehe… Now Calem’s gonna make a fool of himself in front of Serena, and then I’ll be able to have him all to myself!”

Later that night at his hotel room, Calem unpacked the air tanks he had gotten from a shop earlier in the day, and released his Greninja. “Alright, I’m going to need your help on this one. I’ll let you know when to stop the tank.” he explained, setting up the air tanks. “Ribbit?” Asked Greninja, scratching the back of his head.

“I don’t know either, mon ami. But if Serena likes it, then I’ll do it for her.” Calem responded as he put the hose in his mouth, and gave Greninja the thumbs-up.

Calem mumbled in surprise as the air flowed into him, pooling in his stomach and causing it to round out gently. As the trainer gave his belly a playful prod, he started to feel a pressure building up inside him as his belly started pushing against his jacket more.

Eventually his jacket began to ride up on his expanding body, exposing his belly button which had popped out to make more room for all of the air. All of a sudden, the inflating trainer felt a pressure building in his rear. Looking behind him, he noticed that his butt and legs were starting to join in, making his lower body resemble a pear.

The feeling of pressure increased, but with it came an oddly satisfying tingling sensation running throughout Calem’s body. He started to relax, letting in more air and causing his chest to swell out as well, his whole body starting to take on a more spherical shape.
As his head, arms and legs began to sink into his body, Calem felt himself growing taller as well, his body desperately trying to contain all of the air continuing to be pumped into it.

After a while Calem had filled out entirely, becoming a blimp of a Pokémon Trainer.

Calem spat out the hose, as his bloated body started to squeak and groan. “Okay,” He sputtered, still trying to get used to being inflated like a party balloon, “Greninja, do you think you can go get Serena for me?”

Greninja threw him a quick salute, then left the room. Walking down the hall, the Pokemon found Serena’s room, and knocked on the door.

“Yes? Oh, Greninja! What is it?” Asked Serena. “Gribbit.” Greninja said as he took her by the hand, and led her back towards Calem’s room.

Serena opened the door to Calem’s room, and saw him in the middle of the floor. “B-Bonjour, Serena.” He said, trying in vain to sound suave. “I, uh, heard you were into this kind of thing.”

Serena closed the door behind her, leaving Greninja out in the hall. “Oh my gosh! Are you okay, Calem?” She asked, shocked. “Well, it was really weird feeling at first, but it’s actually sort of comfy now that I’m this big.” He responded, starting to blush. “Y-you’re not really into this, are you?” He asked, nervously.

Serena threw herself at Calem, hugging him as tightly as she could. “Actually, I am! But how did you know? I’ve been keeping it a secret for so long.”

“I… heard it from a friend.” Calem said. Serena started to roll him on his back, then took the hose from one of the air tanks.

“If you like being such a big balloon, would you mind getting a little bigger for me?” She asked, climbing on top of Calem, the hose in her hand.

“S-Sure, Serena.” He said, nervously. Serena jumped off of the boy’s belly, and onto the ground. Serena rolled Calem back upright, took the hose and...

Calem squealed in shock as he felt something go into his rear. “Serena, W-what are you doing back there?” he asked as he felt more air start to push into him, stretching him out even further.

“Well, I figured that if I put the hose back there, you’d still be able to talk and stuff.” Serena explained, jumping back on Calem’s belly and bouncing up and down on top of him.

“Ow, ow, ow! Careful, that’s starting to hurt!” Calem exclaimed. Serena blushed and put a hand over her mouth. “Oops, sorry about that.” She said, embarrassed. “It’s just that I’ve never seen anyone inflated like this before. In fact, I didn’t even think it was possible.”

Calem smiled a little. “Hey, why don’t you try it out yourself? It’s actually sort of comfy, once you get used to it.” He said. “I think there’s still some air left in the other tank...”

“R-Really?” Serena stuttered. She had always fantasized of blowing herself up, but she never thought she could. Now she had the perfect opportunity.

Serena leaped off of Calem and raced towards the other tank. “Here goes nothing…” She said as she put the hose down below. She gasped as she felt the hose entering her, then cranked the valve all the way open.

Her belly puffed out in seconds, the air slamming into her stomach. “Woah there, take it easy! You don’t want to pop yourself, do you?” Said Calem, waving his hands. Serena nodded and turned the valve halfway shut, causing her stomach to stop swelling as fast.

Shauna was in the room next to Calem’s, her head pressed against the wall. Her face went red as she heard the sound of air hissing, and the two trainers giggling. “So she’s really into inflating herself, eh? Well then, I’ll just show her up, and get even bigger!” She said, grabbing a bike pump and heading out the door.

Greninja was still waiting outside Calem’s room, trying to ignore the sounds of the two balloons in there. Then he noticed Shauna rounding the corner, pump in hand and a determined look on her face.

“Grebbit.” Croaked the water-type, holding his hand out to stop Shauna from entering. “Oh, shove it, Kermit.” She grumbled, pushing him aside and throwing the door open.

“What’s going on in here- MON DIEU!” Shauna was shocked to see Serena with a hose in her posterior, and her belly already the size of a Voltorb. Shauna slammed the pump on the floor and grabbed the handle. “Alright, Serena. You want to see just how big a real girl can get?” She yelled, sticking the hose into her mouth.

“Is that a challenge, Shauna?” Serena replied, cranking the valve to full again. “I don’t see how you can beat me with that tiny thing.”

“Um, Serena, did you shut off the valve on my tank? I can feel myself getting bigger…” Calem said, still growing. Neither of the girls were paying attention, instead focusing on who could outgrow the other.

“You may as well give up, Shauna! I’m way bigger than you!” Serena taunted as her buttocks and legs began to swell. Shauna just stayed quiet, pumping herself up even faster. Already, her stomach had bloated out a good three feet, riding up her shirt and exposing her navel.

“Girls? I think I’m getting too big…” Calem groaned, feeling his sides start to press up against the furniture, knocking it over.

Shauna just ignored everything else, furiously filling herself up as her body started to fill out entirely, her arms starting to get absorbed by her inflating body. “Looks like you can’t pump much more!” Serena mocked, her own orb-like form continuing to expand. Shauna just continued to pump faster and faster.

Eventually Serena’s tank ran out, leaving her a large sphere of a girl. Shauna still had enough strength and mobility in her arms to keep pumping, as she slowly overtook Serena’s size.

By the time they were finished, both of the girls were completely round, and had knocked all of the furniture in the room around. Meanwhile, Calem had kept growing, unnoticed by the two competing trainers. And he didn’t show any signs of stopping...

Shauna spat the hose out, grinning triumphantly. “See? I told you I can get bigger! And it was with that little bike pump,too!” She gloated.

“Fine,” Serena huffed. She could barely see the other girl from behind her inflated breasts. “You win, this time. But how did you know about my secret? I’ve never told anybody about it until now.”

Shauna tried to shrug, her arms too sunken into her body to allow her to. “I didn’t actually. I was just trying to get Calem to embarrass himself in front of you, so that I could go out with him instead.” She admitted. “I had no idea you actually liked it.”

Serena started to shake with anger. “You little-”

Her rant was cut short, however, by a rather ominous creaking sound. The two inflated girls looked over to see Calem, so large that his sides were pressing against the walls, causing cracks to appear. “S-Someone, h-help…” he groaned, filling half the room.

“Eep! Calem, what happened?” Serena squeaked, looking at the overinflating young man in fear.

Calem was starting to touch the ceiling, becoming a large, puffy blue wall. Surprisingly, his jacket not only refused to break open, but continued to stretch with him. “I don’t think you turned the tank off…” He moaned as his body let off several more creaks and groans. “I’m not sure how much more I can take…”

The cracks in the walls began to spread as Calem kept pressing against them. “What do we do? We can’t just let him pop!” Serena said in a panic, trying to roll herself towards the poor boy.

Shauna stayed where she was. “There’s nothing we can do, Serena… He’s growing too large, and too fast.” She said, solemnly.

Serena started to quake in anger again. “How could you do this to him!? Getting him to blow himself up so he could embarrass himself in front of me! Look at him, He’s about to burst!” She shouted.

“What I did to him!? You were the one that wanted to blow him up even more! If anything, this is all your fault!” Shauna yelled back.

As the two girls continued to bicker, Calem continued to grow. Hearing all this talk of him exploding made the poor boy start to panic. “Someone, please help me!” He said, on the verge of tears. “I don’t want to burst!”

The boy’s body began to throb, as it began to fail in keeping all of the air inside him. Shauna and Serena closed their eyes, bracing themselves for the worst. “I’m so sorry, Calem!” Serena cried.

“Of all the ways to go, I had to go by being turned into a balloon…” Calem thought to himself, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth in suspense for the inevitable…

...But the inevitable never came. The hiss of the tank started to sputter out before stopping completely, saving Calem from his explosive fate. Calem opened his eyes slowly, looking down at himself. “I didn’t burst?” He asked.

The girls opened their eyes as well. “Looks like the tank ran out of air.” Serena explained. “Good thing too, I think you’re at your limit.” She rolled over to Calem, rubbing against him as she tried in vain to give him a hug. The two lovestruck balloons began to blush.

“Aww, you look so cute when you’re all big and puffy like that, Calem.” Shauna cooed. “You’re pretty cute too, Serena.”

“I guess you look pretty cute too, Shauna.” Serena huffed, letting out a tiny bit of air. “But don’t think that I’m letting you get away with any of this!”

“Oh, don’t be like that. Come on, we can still have some fun!” Without warning, Shauna rolled herself straight into Calem, bouncing off of his enormous, air-filled body and into the opposite wall, knocking down a painting.

“Don’t do that, Shauna! I’m still really full!” Calem hissed in pain. “Sorry, Calem.” Shauna apologized, bouncing back onto the floor. “Hey, how do we deflate ourselves, anyway?” Asked Serena. The other puffy trainers tried to shrug. "Ah well, c'est la vie." Calem said, giggling.

Suddenly, the door flew open as Tierno and Trevor barged in. “Hey guys, what’s going on? We heard noises and-”

For the three balloons, it was like their hearts had skipped a beat. Tierno and Trevor continued to stare dumbstruck at them, their mouths wide open.

Calem cringed, his body starting to shiver slightly. “...I can explain.”
Hey, I made a story all on my own! I've been thinking of making a series of stories where different Pokémon characters end up getting inflated in different ways, so stay tuned for those.

Anyway, please let me know what you think of it in the comments!
snowfox144 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016
Enjoyable read my friend and I hope you do follow up with more stories :)  One suggestion though is a little bit of a description of what the characters look like as their introduced into the story.  Keep up the good work.
Manpersonguy Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to add in some character descriptions.
snowfox144 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016
You're welcome :)
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