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My Fursona T.J. Palmer. (Art by MimzicalWhimsy)



A fantastic piece I had commissioned by the wonderful artist MimzicalWhimsy (AKA Imzy on FurAffinity). This is my Fursona, T.J. "Mad Jackal" Palmer, an obscure, low budget horror-exploitation movie director from Cleveland. He specializes in the kind of sleazy, ultra-violent horror titles that one might have seen on 42nd street sleaze theaters in the 70s and 80s. As you could probably tell, he's a horror film fanatic, and loves making them with all his heart and soul, and as such, he's also an unapologetic gorehound.

Here's his character sheet, for those who are interested. Oh, and check out MimzicalWhimsy, the artist who drew this fantastic piece for me, as soon as you can. She's doing commissions right now for a DAMN good price(I got this piece done for just twenty bucks!). Check her out, her work speaks for itself.

Oh, and for those who are wondering, the tattoos on his arms are poster art from these films.

The New York Ripper-(1982)

The Prowler-(1981)

House by the Cemetery-(1981)

Cannibal Ferox-(1981)

The Character belongs to: Me

This awesome artwork belongs to: MimzicalWhimsy.

Name: T.J. “Mad Jackal” Palmer.

Age: 25.

Gender: Male.

Species: Golden Jackal.

Nationality: American

Height: 6ft 4.

Weight: 260 pounds

Orientation: Straight.

Occupation: Low budget exploitation horror film 
director, writer and makeup FX technician.

Place of work: Madhouse Studios Inc. (A small, independently run studio in Cleveland specializing in horror/exploitation cinema. He works there as a sort of ‘freelance’ director/writer.

Body of work: While you won’t find any of his films in any kind of proper movie theater, T.J. has produced a fairly decent sized body of work over the five years he’s been directing and writing. Some of his film credits include such titles as. 
“He strikes at night.”
“I see your fear.”
“The killer of Blood Moon Bay.”
“Strip nude and die.”
“House of cannibals.”
“I’m watching you.”
And several more.

Physical description: Heavily(yet tightly) muscled, short brown fur all across his body with black spots along his muzzle, thighs, and all down his back. His muzzle is average length, but slightly thicker, for his species, and his nose is standard black. He has very deep, ocean blue eyes and black marks on his forehead. His teeth are abnormally sharp for his species, and his obsessive daily brushing make them shine white as pearls, giving him a rather devious and slightly scary grin (Even when he isn’t trying to look devious or scary). His tail is very bushy and thick, and very soft and sensitive, even to the point of being an erogenous zone (Which his friends-with-benefits just love to exploit). He has very sharp claws on his fingers, and as such has to be careful about accidentally cutting other people. He also has several tattoos featuring several of his favorite films, these include a large tattoo for the movie “Cannibal Ferox” covering his left forearm, a large tattoo for the movie “The Prowler” covering his right forearm, a tattoo for the movie “The New York Ripper” covering his upper right arm, a tattoo for the movie “House by the Cemetery” covering his upper left arm, a tattoo on his stomach that proclaims “Fulci Lives!” and finally, a tattoo on the back of his right hand says “Fulci”, and a tattoo on the back of his left hand says “Argento”. 

Personality: Despite the ultra gory and sleazy nature of the movies he makes(And the fact that he loves making them, and refuses to direct a film in any other genre.), T.J. is a remarkably kind, warm hearted and generous person who loves making friends of all kinds from all walks of life. However, upon first meeting him, it would be very easy to perceive him as being weird or even a little gross. You see, beyond just the unsavory and often trashy nature of his films, he’s also got a bit of a nympho streak, and will drop his pants at any opportunity he gets to have a little bit of fun with a sexy female. This can often result in certain kinds of people being put off by his rather voracious, and unsubtle, appetite for sex, as well as his extremely casual attitude about his encounters. However, he is very quick to apologize if he thinks that someone is uncomfortable with his behavior, as he really wants people to like him and feel comfortable and safe around him, and have a good time making films with him. He’s also highly energetic, often running around his film sets saying hello to everyone at a breakneck pace, checking their work and dashing off to the next thing, making some people think he’s a caffeine addict(which he isn’t). He’s also known for his extremely affectionate nature, and is prone to hugging anyone at a moments notice, even when it’s not really called for, or appropriate(such as meeting a workmate in a public restroom when they are at the urinal). However, he’s also stubborn, slightly dim when it comes to certain situations, and prone to violence when someone tries to hurt him or his friends(whether it’s physically or emotionally hurt.) He has zero tolerance for bigotry or bullying of any kind, and again, will usually resort to violence if he thinks someone is being bullied for ANY reason. Despite his flaws, T.J.s affectionate and kind nature, as well as his fierce and undying loyalty, has earned him many lifelong friends(and several friends with benefits) who love him dearly, and it was those friends who first described him with the moniker of “The nicest person ever born to make sleazy horror films.”

Common Accessories: Dozens of t-shirts depicting many of his favorite films, From “Slumber Party Massacre” to “Maniac” to “Cannibal Ferox” etc. Beach shorts, sandals or white tennis shoes, and is almost never seen without his “Driller Killer” baseball cap.

Likes: watching horror movies, making horror movies, talking about horror movies, sex, girls, going to conventions, helping people in need, having his tail squeezed, hugging, being hugged, being with friends, making friends, telling jokes, creating fake blood and prosthetics for his movies(and for fun), Halloween, snuggling.

Dislikes: the idea of fame, bullies, bigots, politics, politicians, being lonely, boredom, arrogance, snobs, prudes, moral police, blue balls, assholes.

Quote from T.J.: “I never want to be famous, or make big movies, I love where I’m at right now and I never want that to change. I’m an obscure, no name exploitation/horror director and I’ll stay that way forever if I can. And if someone comes along and asks me to make a big movie with big stars, then I’m just going to quit, because I like my anonymity, it’s one of the most under-appreciated gifts on earth.” 

Extra trivia: He got the nickname “Mad Jackal” due to the sadistic grin he makes when he’s mixing ingredients for fake blood, or sees something gory happen in a movie he’s watching(or making).

Mature for naked lady tattoo.
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