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Sailor Disney

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Published: November 7, 2007
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Various Disney characters dressed up as the Sailor Moon cast. I made the sketch ages ago and finally got around to finish it.

From left to right: Pocahontas as Sailor Pluto, Mulan as Sailor Mercury, Belle as Sailor Jupiter, Esmeralda as Sailor Neptune, Madellaine (HoND II) as Sailor Uranus, Aurora as Sailor Venus, Melody as Sailor Chibi Moon, Ariel as Sailor Moon and Jasmine as Sailor Mars.

Line art in ComicWorks, colored in Photoshop.

Wah, I've just been wading through a pile of comments! I'm sorry I can't answer each one individually.

Q: Where is Sailor Saturn?
A: I took what I thought was a well-known Sailor Moon illustration and just peopled it with Disney characters. Saturn wasn't in the original pic, so no hard feelings. If I make another one I will be sure to include her.

Q: Why isn't SnowWhite Mercury instead of Mulan?
A: Because as far as I'm concerned SnowWhite would be Saturn. Why? Because she is younger/more fragile, more closely linked with DEATH and being the first princess brings her some epic ending/beginning quality that seems to me suitable for Saturn. On the argument of hairdo I agree though.

Q: Where is Cinderella?
A:This is not a Disney princess pic, just the Disney characters I thought were most suitable. Again, no hard feelings.

Q: Why isn't Cinderella Uranus?
A: Why should she be? Except for being blonde. Not everyone knows apparently, but Neptune and Uranus have a special relationship. Since Esmeralda is Neptune, it would only make sense to have them at least come from the same universe: HoND = Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Q: Who is Madellaine?
A: Quasi's love interest in HoND II. Very few of you know! Those who do apparently deserve a cookie!

Q: Why didn't you credit the original artist?
A: Sorry, my bad! I don't think I've ever come across any decent Sailor Moon art gallery that didn't have this pic, so I thought it would be familiar to everybody. I don't know who the original artist is, my guess is that it's someone at Toei animation. If you somehow never saw the original, just type in "Sailor Moon group" or something in Google images.
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As a Disney Fan, I give this a big thumbs up times 9 (Sorry I'm no Sailor Moon fan) But STILL, kudos!
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Prince Eric as tuxedo mask
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LilKittySpyStudent Digital Artist
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You could use either Alice from Alice in Wonderland or Snow White as Sailor Saturn.
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disney should do a animated sailor moon movie atleast the first two story arcs work really well with disney any way
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gosh this is adorable!
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vanessa5400Student Digital Artist
CUUTTEEE!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
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fnacworldStudent Artist
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SpacebunnywarriorStudent General Artist
Where's Princess Tianna?
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Capricornio-dubsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Where's Saturn?
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Lauren-TylerHobbyist General Artist
Quite a clever idea.
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theiampinayloveStudent Traditional Artist
Where's snow white?
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Kiro-KurusuHobbyist Artist
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I love this! Great job on drawing everyone! :D

EDIT: it seems I favorited this already...Ah well, it's still good.
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Mr-F23Student Traditional Artist
Awesome.... The Disney Style~
How about The Sailor Use the Disney Clothes? Hmm... Mehh... Still Awesome!! Ciao
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MarvelFan66Hobbyist Writer
That's awesome ! But who's the short haired blond princes?
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MUniverseFamilyHobbyist Digital Artist
No idea, Im really confused on who as well..
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MarvelFan66Hobbyist Writer
Lol she looks just like the gay girl with blonde hair in sailor moon. She's gay right?
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That's Madelline from Hunchback of Notre Dame II.
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MarvelFan66Hobbyist Writer
Oh my gosh! That's awesome.
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MUniverseFamilyHobbyist Digital Artist
Still confused xD
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