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utena my first crossplay

me as utena

photo by vampy
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Oct 16, 2008, 2:51:51 PM
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cdliz's avatar
You make a pretty girl.
Makiiiii's avatar
Por mucho... la Utena más bonita que he visto u_u siempre te lo dije...
rondole's avatar
¿tu hiciste la decoración de los hombros? te vez genial :D
manolo-kun's avatar
me las prestaron pero se como hacerlas XD

rondole's avatar
¿Y de casualidad sabes de que están hechas las que te prestaron? son las mejores hombreras que he visto :O
ratchetvero's avatar
You're so beautiful!
Much more beautiful than me ;A; OMG!
I <3 this crossplay. Very well done.
manolo-kun's avatar
LOOOOOOOOL thanxs XD , but makeup helps , really im not that good looking
ratchetvero's avatar
You're welcome :3 Well, I don't use makeup ^^' But you're still awesome ! :D
AtlantisLux's avatar
Wow, you look absolutely stunning as Utena. Bravo! ^^
SEND0R0SA's avatar
Awesome major props u definitely pulled it off........POWER TO THE CROSSPLAYERS!!! >w<
Belshein's avatar
no mames si pareces chica en esa foto q loco
Alice-nodoka-hinata3's avatar
<(O 0 O)> WOOOW!!! love that still look hot even if you are dressed as a girl... >///<
Kiotoko-Solo's avatar
WOW Ok I dunno if I should say your beautiful cause I dunno if it will be insulting XD I am VERY VERY Impressed. Best crossplay I've ever seen. No lie lol
manolo-kun's avatar
PlumDum-Momo's avatar
you look really good. way to be a man and crossplay :3 lmao
Neven-Ebrez's avatar
I love it when guys have the balls (literally) to crossplay!

Girls do it so much, but not enough guys! It's about your fav characters, not if they are girls or guys!

You did a really good job. All your stuff is really good. Props to you my friend!
villamar's avatar
I believe the reason it's more because for us guys it's harder to look girly xD for girls it's way easier to look like young men.
villamar's avatar
Yeah owo The only difficult part girls have when crosplaying is hidding their boobs but even that can be done o.o
HayabusaUchiha's avatar
.___.uUu dios....que chido crossplay X__X Een vdd pareces mujer >_> sin ofender pero esta genial jajaja
Hikaru-Ichigo's avatar
eres una Utena muy bella, te quedo hermoso ese cosplay
BabySSB's avatar
Utena looks really good on you! *_*
I´m not such a fan of crossplay but this is way impressive!
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