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Master sword

my Master sword XD

photo by me
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That looks awesome!
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see i would do that but i spent a lot of money on it and mess the paint up. i like the way the picture was taken
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what kind of paint did you use im wanting to paint mine but i dont want to ruin it with the wrong paint
KHCosplayah's avatar
Oh my god that looks fantastic! Is this a repaint of dark Links master sword?
manolo-kun's avatar
mm not dark link xD its the master sword replica
KHCosplayah's avatar
I know before it was dark links heres a pic:

That looks WAY too legit 2 B photoshop...
NuclearBeast's avatar
great sword, gotta get one to.
TirkovoBontiskril's avatar
I see you repainted the sword. I'm gonna do the same thing when i get mine :P
Avon-Cosplay's avatar
stupid question,
but what kind of blue/purple tone is this? ^^

will get mine withing the next week or so and am thinking about repainting it.
by the way, is the handle really made of hard plastic? x_X
manolo-kun's avatar
yup its inoxidable iron and hard plastic handle but the tone? mmmm i dunt know XD its car painting!!!! XD
Avon-Cosplay's avatar
ah ok ^^
as said, can't wait to get mine, though i'm worrying a bit that the hard plastic handle with the iron blade feel a bit sluggish
manolo-kun's avatar
nope its ok ^_^ its awesome ^_^
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Wo0w tu la hicistes o de donde conseguistes una Master Swo0rd TAN PERFECTA :O!!!
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Felipe8D's avatar
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XD claro la compre en
Felipe8D's avatar
Oooooh muchas gracias po0r la paginaaa :'DDD Pero disculpa q se agoto la q tu comprastes no me sale??? D,: no tienes el Link de la tuya??? ;___;
manolo-kun's avatar
[link] aki tmbn la venden es esta solo que la tienes que pintar del color obviamente originalmente es como plateada pero esta genial!!!!!
Felipe8D's avatar
Muchisiiimaaas graacias po0r tu ayuda :'D y sabes si me imagine q la habias pintado0 y yaaa geniaaal yo creo q si me la comprareeeeeeee!!!! *O*
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