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Marilyn Monroe Caricature

black/white [link]
sketch [link]

Drawing and Painting in photoshop cs2
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Could I make a 3D model of your caricature?
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This caricature of MM is so good :)   Love to see you do another legendary woman, a queen from European history - a caricature of Queen Marie Antoinette based on one of the famous Vigee LeBrun paintings of France's famous Queen.
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Looks like she's in front of an American Flag, possibly singing "Happy Birthday Mr. President".
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I hope you don't mind my comment, but this Marilyn reminds me Geena Davis. :-)
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you made the most beautiful woman in the world scary
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I was about to say the same.
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Awesome stuff :)
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Hello there my friend!!!

Finally the last issue of Dartzine is now out, I know it took more than I expected but I had requested for your permission to use this image in one of our articles, so now you can check it out live, I didn't upload a PDF version into deviant but you can view it and read it at issuu I will provide you the link.

:target: Dartzine 10th - AT ISSUU :target:

You works have also been featured in my journal, you can find it on the session called OTHER ARTISTS FEATURED IN THE 10TH ISSUE check the thumbs and you’ll find it…

:target: FIND FEATURED HERE :target:

Have an amazing week! :heart:
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Best caricature of Monroe ever :D
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Hi! just letting you know your artwork has been featured here:heart: :D
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I had dat as my screensaver once![link]
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looks just like her! brilliant. i'm dabbling in caricatures myself. This one is truly inspiring.
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damn! great job.
That also looks quite a bit like the real life joan rivers.
Awesome work, thanks!
Featured in my article here: [link]

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oh my god that is gorgeous...true work of art
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AHAHA ! I like this !
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AHAHA ! I like this !
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Damn, You Are Great!
skin texture is awesome!
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