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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Digital paint in PS CS2 + Tablet
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Looks like if Justin Bieber took Crack for 5 Years
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it's horai poothed
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Cute, I love it!
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thats so amazing.
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why is this even so bad to "Harry Potter Fans"? I've been reading these books all my life, and I find this funny and cute, not offensive. it's art work! who ever dislikes this, you are a pretty big lame.
appleness123's avatar no.........

I have a question for you:
why do you want to be murdered by Harry Potter fans?
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it be-ith irritation.

I'm sorry but you just made a good 40 enemies
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hate you man
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love it mannn.....
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Seriously, hilarious!
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LOOOOOOOOOL...sorry i just couldn't stop laughing when i saw this!!!..LOL...great job though :D.
Awesome work, thanks!
Featured in my article here: [link]

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wow that made me laugh ROFL
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this looks like someone i know
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the mouth is stephen hawking's one, haha.
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you're talented! :)
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eSTOU na pág 2 ..mas já estou sem elogios pra tanto trabalho bom.
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