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Clay the Monk
A D&D game is starting among some of my friends at work. I decided to roll a monk who is made out of clay. Clay-the-Monk's dorky backstory:

An order of monks built a monastery on the side of a mountain. The monks would often contemplate the mountain during their meditation, which gave the mountain a degree of spiritual energy. One day, the monastery came under attack from a terrible monster. The mountain, who had grown to admire the monks and their stoic ways, came to their defense by bringing forth 100 clay warriors from the earth. Together with the rest of the monks, the clay men managed to defeat the monster and save the day. When the battle was over, the clay men sank back into to the mountain that made them. But one clay man decided not to meld back into the mountain. He saw that there was great poetry and beauty on the battle field, and wanted to stay and train in the ways of the monks. The monks were happy to induct this clay brother into their order, but the mountain felt slighted. So the head of the monastery suggested that the new monk travel abroad for a time, to give the mountain time to calm down.


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