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Well, this was long overdue. Since maybe a couple of years ago, I've taken more than several hiatuses from DeviantArt. I'm no longer on here as much as I once was, uploading, like, one piece of art every few months?

Well, the truth of the matter is, I've slowly but simply grown quite tired of it. Don't take this the wrong way, but I feel like maybe DeviantArt isn't the right place for me anymore. I've been on here for nine years, and in that time, I've become a much better artist than I was when I first joined. Try taking a look at all of my early stuff - it's... wonky, to say the least.

Like I said, I still upload a piece of art to DA here and there, but now, I'm most active on Instagram and Twitter. Both my accounts on those pages are mannysmyname, so, to anyone who's interested, please give me a follow!

In other news...
-I'm still working on my webcomic, Adventures of Henry the Mole. For now, you can read it only on SmackJeeves, but I'm working on bringing it to other platforms, such as Taptastic and Tumblr.
-I'll be reviving my short-form review series, formerly known as "Dr. Manny Presents". I've re-evaluated things I've already reviewed over time, so I'll be posting new reviews ASAP.

Well, that's it. Maybe this will make you all a little less uneasy. Still, I'm exploring new horizons, and I'd be grateful if you'd check them out. As Edward Murrow said, "Good night, and good luck."
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Submitted on
August 10, 2018