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The Adventures of Muscle Mut and Super Whisker
Heroes get contaminated with a plutonium truck which is why they have super powers. They team up and become Muscle Mut and Super Whisker.
Quadruple dog (shapeshifting dog) warns SW and MM that the world will end on 12/31/12. Doesn’t actually happen. MM explains an example of an end of the world scenario if there’s no more food everyone will starve.

The Bark Knight

1) Trouble in Gotham Metro City Part 1
Barkman discovers that plutonium is explosive & his pal Isaac discovers his secret identity. Rodent is after plutonium. Not real plutonium since real would make you stronger.

2) Trouble in Gotham Metro City Part 2
Penguin, Joker, and Catwoman are all after a crate of plutonium. The crate falls im wet, deep cement.

A New Start Part 1
Barkman finds out that Bane used plutonium inside him mixed with steroids like chemicals to make him stronger. Someone then tries to contaminate Bane’s wheat that in which turns people into zombies and that’s Scarecrow but Barkman can’t confirm it’s him yet. Scarecrow messed with Bane’s steroids so that Scarecrow can mind control him while he’s on the mine control chemical he injected him with.

3) A New Start Part 2
Barkman gets reports of plutonium found on ground then, as soon as he gets it, there’s a report of a villain that wants to put plutonium in all bread products.

Dog Planet Comic: 4) A Little Mystery
Mr. Smarty tests blood samples on Muscle Mut and Barkman. Mr. Smarty explains that plutonium acts like dynamite and can be very explosive. Rodent is controlling weather in outer space and is trying to collect all samples of plutonium with robot bats.

A New Start Part 3
Scarecrow wants the city to fear others by turning them into zombies. He also wants to rule Gotham, thus, he’s the one who contaminated all the bread. Barkman teams up with Bane to try and stop Scarecrow. Scarecrow injects Barkman with a hallucination chemical to attempt to distract him.

4 ½-5)  A New Start Final Part
Barkman recovers from hallucinations. Barkman investigates more into if all supermarkets are okay from selling bread and any wheat products. He informs his cousin Muscle Mut about his hypothesis because he thinks Scarecrow isn’t the only one behind the whole plutonium problem. Barkman then saved people from zombies at Comic Con. People there think he’s dressed up and not the real Barkman.

5) The Adventures of Muscle Mut and Super Whisker. Walkers
Muscle Mut teams up with Super Whisker, Candy Mandy, and Kitty MC Flirty. They run out of gas in the woods. They discover that hard hits on the head and purified water can cure the zombie apocalypse but pure water is more permanent. They must get the pure water from the forest and bring it back to Mr. Smarty’s lab. Mr. Smarty can create the cure for future zombie infections. The Heroes girlfriends get introduced to a member from the Ai tribe.

6) Walkers Part 2
Muscle Mut and Super Whisker get lost while trying to find the nearest gas station. They find an abandoned car and drive the heck out of it until they get hit with an arrow.They realize it’s someone from the Ai tribe. They get introduced to all members. Members are looking for Cooper since he left them alone with a bunch of zombies. Their group thinks Cooper is a robot which is why he didn’t care to help them.
They find Quacker and Rosie as zombies. One of them bite Super Whisker since he didn’t want to hit them. Muscle Mut ends up hitting Quacker and Rosie. Super Whisker wonders why he didn’t turn into a zombie.

7) Walkers Part 3
Muscle Mut and Super Whisker reunite with Barkman. Muscle Mut admits that his cousin was right. They finally find the pure water. Cooper is wanting to hold onto it but Barkman doesn’t trust him. Cooper then redeems himself from his mistake and proves he’s trustworthy to the group. The team then gives the pure water to Mr. Smarty. A huge rainstorm of pure water falls down and everyone gets cured. Super Whisker then realizes why he didn’t turn into a zombie right away after being bitten.

Scarecrow Part 1
Scarecrow gets thrown to jail but Bane isn’t.


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Manuel Nuñez
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Hi everyone. I’m 22 years old. I currently study at Fullerton College. My name is Manuel Nuñez and I make comics for “The Adventures of Muscle Mut and Super Whisker”, “The Bark Knight”, and “Dog Planet” comics. This is the official DeviantArt for “The Adventures of Muscle Mut and Super Whisker” comics. Enjoy :)


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