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Icon Set

Icon Set contains 27 .png dock icons and 25 .ico files.
Inspired by Area o4 Icons.
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Neat! These look like iOS icons because of its sleek look and fade drop shadows. Don't know where else they would be applied..

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amazing thankss

Probably not a question for this thread, but I have no idea what to do with an .rar file, my PC just tries to open it in Adobe. Anybody?

7-zip or WinRar

Excellent clean and clear

I like, good job

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release this set in hot-rod red and you got yourself another loyal fan!
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Just great stuff.....well done!
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sooooo beautiful !! thanks!!
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Excellent work! Thank you
thanks MannMitDerTarnjacke !
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awesome icon..:D
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Could you post them separately plz? Looks amazing btw!! I love the power button!
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you want him to post 27 different icons, separately? you serious?
Just extract the file. O_o
thank you!Can you make a iconpackager?
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Cool Icons thanks
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