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Acier RocketDock

I portet the Acier Dock to RocketDock.
Take at look at the "Read it!" file to make your dock look like in the preview.

If you have some questions, just ask!
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Woowww....Fantastis Bro.

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The great texture Thank ~
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Never mind I got it. Sorry am old.
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I have a question... How do you get the indicator to work? The dock is working great except the indicator. BTW, great looking dock. xD
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Beautiful, Thanks.
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very very good skin
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Tchaks for the Skin ;-)
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Look the mod

i modified the colors, its fantastic!
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can i make a mod from this?
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can i make a mod from this skin?
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I LOVE THIS SKIN. Just everytime i download, extract the file to Rocketdock/Skins/ and go to change the skin to this.. it doesn't work.. it just shows the default skin :( please help me!
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if you are having any issues, i strongly recommend reading this guide, it covers virtually everything, and its still being updated daily, so if you have questions, just ask the author, he'll probably add it.

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nice! thank you!
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Very nice! I love the new Finder Icon! and also, I LOVE the separator
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Hey, great dock ! Can you tell me where did you get that trash icon ? Can you upload it for me or give me a link ? Appreciated !
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no worries, found it myself !
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Too complicated.
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