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Today I want to share with you some inspiration for artists. Talk with Todd McFarlane and how to make business serve art.
I think this is very useful for so many of us. Make some notes and be inspired.
I will share below short list with tips from this interview:

1. Find your passion.
2. Learn the details.
3. Look for an opening. 
4. Be persistent.
5. Make it sexy.
6. Fight the status quo.
7. Know your weaknesses
8. Hit your deadlines.
9. Entertain yourself
10. Make business serve art 

Todd goes deeper and explains you what is his philosophy and approach. It's super insightful and motivating. 
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NuminiousNihil Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Great share. Your journals are always practical.
mannequin-atelier Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank You. I am trying to bring some valuable content to art community :)
Empienada Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really good vid wanted to rewatch to make the list you made. You saved me the 40 minutes. Thanks a lot Bruv.
mannequin-atelier Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Well I don't think that this short summary reflects the ideas that are in this video. Personally what I did is that I wrote down under each idea few phrases that Todd used. It helps with giving some examples. 
davichiz Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017  Student General Artist
Hah I was watching this just the other day D:
mannequin-atelier Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Ha, what a coincidence ! It's so motivating ^^
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October 2, 2017


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