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How to light Your bust - June edition

June studies :)
2-4hrs each.
I'm starting to feel more comfortable with these. That means it's time to find some another challenge probably.

If You want some more art from me go visit my blog -
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I love number 5!
Uranus-seventhsun's avatar
The lighting is sublime.
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I love it. The girls all look so cute! And the lighting is very nice. I especially like the second left One.
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Ah I love your style. ; 3 ; That girl on the far right reminds me of Rose McGowan! C:
PortraitsbyRoxy's avatar
Wow ! I love these.
cariberius-monkey's avatar
looks like smooth jazz ;)
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hello, can I ask you to add your light bust to a group about draw tutorials ? thank's. I ask you because you didn't propose it as a tutorial (i didn't wont to do a mistake).
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Your lighting is always so...incredible. :love:
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The way you handle light is really inspiring!
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really nice! great artwork!
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very nice Love Clap 
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Nice ^^ Very beautiful, gotta practice this kind of lighting as well
Drawn-Imagination's avatar
Beautiful. I love everything about these ladies, but especially the lighting.
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how a beautifull girl! i can fell your passion inside your art work
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Very nicely done- love the style and the character you put to each of these women.
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Simply amazing. Your progress is smooth but increases with every study.
mannequin-atelier's avatar
I hope so :) I want to see the progress :) But I probably take a little more time on these also :)
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The good stuff takes time. But enjoy your current level, you're allready very good.
Well, i gotta say, Adding you to my watch list has got to be one of the best decisions I've ever made😉
mannequin-atelier's avatar
Wow, such a nice comment :) *smile* :D
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