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How to light Your bust 3

I like to do these. I think lightning can make every work look better so I want to practice lightning more :D
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I like so much. You are the champion on back-lightning :)
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Absolutna rewelacja!
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your art is amazing o.o I'm spechless
Bardzo ładne.
Możesz dla  mnie narysować 10 takich twarzy z długimi włosami?
Pozdrawiam Jakub 
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Mogę. Czy to jest zlecenie? Jeśli tak to napis do mnie prywatną wiadomość na DA z detalami zlecenia.
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Hello! I sell just very few prints and haven't update my online shop since forever. But I am making commissions, so I can accept any order for a painting.
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I'd love to know what's gonna be the pricing of a painting of the women I mentioned before, framed or on canvas.
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)
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The lighting in your pieces are one of the most stunning ones I've seen, even when I compare these to those on and artstation. Did you use any lighting references for these?
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Yes, reference was used. It's older piece. These days I try to avoid references and try to come up with original characters.
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Hi, tks for letting me know. If you don't mind, could you tell me who are your heroes and favorite artists? The painting style in some of your pieces has this Leyendecker sort of feel to it and he's one of my idols :D
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I see. Tks! :)
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Just Great stuff. Congrats.
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I loved! Those sun lights u did, they are so amazing and make the art looks more alive and realistic! Congrats! ;)
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Wow these are so cool! Haha, now I almost feel silly for my previous comment, obviously you know your way around the human form just fine :D Really beautiful stuff. Am really liking your colour choices, too. They all seem harmonious, consistent and very clear. Love them!
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wonderful study 
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Awesome! You give us an idea. You are amazing!
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Great hair rendering.
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wonderful lighting studies. I´m also working more using light to shape and arange compositions, it´s such a difficult matter - but the results are really rewarding!
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