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How to light You bust - steps

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I prefer to show steps than do a tutorial. I still need to find my workflow in Photoshop ^^ But You can see the basic idea, general steps while I work, how I do my light studies.
If You have any specific question about how I work in Photoshop, You can ask. Maybe later I will try to use these question to make a tutorial with description ^^'

If You want to to have a regular uploads from me, and see more art  or read art learning resources go to my blog - I answer the art questions there! :D
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Sorry to ask but how did you do the white lighting around here? qwq
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Could vou please give me brushes and layers modes?
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I would love to make a video on that in the future. Video format is the best one to explain all the steps. I will figure out how to screen capture my work and then how to produce a video with tutorial.
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Heya this is beautiful!!! 
I was wondering if you do video tutorials as well or if you know where I could find one. I am a noob in digital painting and I would love to learn more about it!
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Thanks for being interested in my video tutorials.
Actually you are not the first one to ask. That is why I need to give it a thought and really start out with the channel.
I just still didn't know figured out how I can produce video. How I can screen capture and how edit, should I speak in the video or just plain text would be enough.
I am really shy about that and that is my problem. However that is my wish to make it happen.
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I hope you don't mind if I copy this pose and process for my character, as practice. I don't use photoshop, but it still might work for me. I'll link to this picture when I post it on DA. If you have a problem with that, please let me know. Thank you for showing these steps. I'm always at a loss on how to shade and highlight digitally. 
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Yes sure do that. I have no problem if someone want to copy to learn something. It looks like educational thing and I am all for that :) Post how you did it on your DA and let me know :)
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What application do you use?
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What does one call that hairstyle?
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Thank u very much for sharing this awesome tutorial!
I love your art! Heart 
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Me encanta, es Simplemente precioso
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i like this a lot  . . . :clap:
your truly awesome
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I've made a drawing based on this tutorial.
Check out the link if you want see the result:

PS: I have credited your tutorial as inspiration
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do you use different layer modes to light your drawings or do you just use different colors and blend them in?
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I don't use layers for this, I worked on one layer. I used only different brush modes.
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ah ok. so i assume you use mostly overlay for hightlights and multiply mode for shadows?
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I don't know if You checked it but I've done a tutorial covering my workflow- My painting process by mannequin-atelier So check it out :)
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Beautiful! :D Love it. 
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Nice. :D 
I saw this photograph on 500px the other day. You really did it justice.
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Amazing, I will keep this in mind. Hopefully it will help me get better at shading and, especially, light^^
Thank you for sharing!:heart:
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absolutely amazing, love your lighting studies
Wow amazing!
I love it!
thank you!

What brushes did you use to sketch and paint?
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