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Published: August 6, 2012
Been workin in the games industry and freelance for about 20 years and considering 90% of jobs are based on a verbal contract I've never actually been stiffed, A remarkable testament to the Moral fortitude and honesty of most people, that record is unblemished,,,,, untill now.

   A kid from deviant art asked me to do a tattoo design for him based on his idea, I charged him a paltry fee, a quarter of what I usually ask cos he's just a teenager, he loved it, loved it so much he's had it etched permanently on his skin, cost him $500 at the tattooists, I however am apparently beneath paying, yes! somebody can respect you're work yet disrespect the person who did that work.

   He has had the decency to tell me excuses, ridiculous excuses, my grandfather had a heart attack, my identities been stolen and my accounts shut down, my dog ate my homework ( the last ones an embellishment for comedy effect), childlike but at least he had the shame to make them up.

Never work with children and animals!.
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Disgusting, always ask for payment before hand, or atleast put on a watermark
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stinks man. hopefully he comes through... prob wouldn't hold my breath though eh? The unfortunate reason I ask for $ up front from first-timers. ):(
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It really is sad seeing these kinds of people. I don't know whether to feel bad for him or just feel plain disgusted. Hopefully he learns that all the things he has done has significant consequences. Hope your other future works goes better because you deserve so much more for that tattoo design. It's an amazing piece of work.