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Hey guys if you could please share this link anywhere on the web ,it would mean a world to me ,thank you very much…
It's a new project i am working on
 Hey guys ,MankyMind here or Dedu or whatever .As always , i wanted to write a long ass journal explaining the reasons i was inactive this year but as i finished writing it, i realised that there is no reason to post it so i deleted it and now i will write the key parts and a conclusion , so let's go (but before, i am sorry for any grammar/vocabulary mistakes but i haven't used English the last months so yeah...)
So , reasons i don't post anymore here :

1-This year i signed for marketing lessons and at same time i work at a local store as the administrator and programmer of the store's e-shop and social media .Plus since the new year i am sick the whole time , i don't know if it's my immune system or whatever but there wasn't more than a  straight week when i was not ill the last 4 months and additionally to all that my mother was diagnosed with cancer 2 months ago and now she is in hospital and today she will get her second surgery while i am here taking care of my 6 year old sister yeah apparently i don't really have much free time in my hands , but gladly there are people who i met that sort of help us through all that

2-I don't see deviantart as an "art-site" or a "art-community" anymore since it isn't , no mater what the name or the content of this site is ,DeviantArt is nothing more than a poorly designed social media .

3-I didn't stop drawing but i don't find anything of what i created so far was upload-worthy.BUT i really love the name "MankyMind" so i will not abandon this account and i will start to upload art here again but i have no idea when this day will come i think to start uploading here my tattoo designs and keeping it more as an "easy-to-access-portfolio" but this will take some time (because of reason 1 and 4)

4-The last few years i was investing into my art the most i could as i found it an important part of my life and myself ,this made me and my art to evolve into some directions and somewhere in those directions i got lost and got lost with the reasons of why am i doing art .But thanks to the last events , mainly my mother's cancer , i remembered the reason i started art . and that reason is one of the most ancient and simplest reasons of them all .I am doing art because of money and that's it , i have to accept it , the rest emotional bullshit is nothing more but bullshit .I mean , if i want to do something that will make ME feel happy and it will be for my personal joy , i just can go and have sex or just fap .... i mean i get more pleasure and personal joy from eating a plate of lasagna rather than spending hours or even weeks on a single piece of art, destroying all the patience and self esteem after erasing and redrawing over and over again all of my mistakes just to realize that there is even more things to be improved .So yeah, from now on i will be drawing what sells and since most of it will be 18+ i will not upload it under this name as i want to keep it "clean" for my future personal works.There is nothing wrong in doing something you love/like/enjoy/or at least sympathise, for money ."Doing it for money" is a pretty good reason to do something , you just have to accept it 

Well that's pretty much it , in conclusion , well i dunno ... If you want to "unwatch" me i don't mind , feel free to do so , i understand. Also a small advise ,don't let others guide you , do your thing, DO WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS RIGHT FOR YOU TO DO .ignore the rest , cause in the reality ,NO ONE ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING!!!!!!There was a bunch of guys living their lives ,knowing everything and being always right as they were a part of the "high-society" .Wanna know what happened to them ?! They sunken in a ship called Titanic (some dudes even made a movie about it ,dunno if you have heard of it) All this people telling you what to do and what not to, telling you that you will never succeed , that you will never achieve your dreams ,or that you have to stop being a who you want to be are just a bunch of poisonous toxic wastes that do nothing worthy with their lives , they lost their paths long time ago don't let them drug you down to their misery lives .Keep on ,move on , do your thing or keep on searching for your thing cause that will mean that you are still alive and not just a walking bunch of meat .

Love you all and i haven't forgot anyone of you(the ones i was lucky to meet here) , thanks for all the great time we had on this site .See you all (soon i hope)


YES ,for more information, contact me with a note, or at


I am just a random person who got fed with all the shit in this world and decided to change it all .In other words ,once i woke up and decided to do what i think is right to

  • WILL YOU DRAW ME A REQUEST ?(Draw me free staff cause i said so)

No , i will not draw anything for free ,drawing is NOT my hobby , it's my job

BUT.... you can always suggest fan art to me and i MAY draw it (for free of course) but only if i really like the idea 


AGAIN, stop asking for free stuff , contests are made to get free work from hopeless starving people.....stop using artists like that , have some respect for those who dedicated their lives to make this world a nicer place for you 


What's the difference ? Well if you care so much about it then here is your info: i was born in Ukraine by a Greek mother and Russian father ,now i leave in Greece (no i don't like it .... nobody does)


Well i started as street artist so i learned to use any material


I am self taught artist ,i was always drawing since i was a kid , my brightest memory was when my grandpa was asking me to draw Vodka bottles .But i never could color damn i sucked at coloring ...


Never stop drawing , not even a "one-day" brake (cause common ... we both know it won't be for one day) ,even when i am not in a drawing mood i am still doodling , i doodle anatomy or places from photos i see every day ,on at least two A4 pages 


So , if you have something that bothers you ,or there is something that you want to tell to anyone just to take it out of yourself ,feel free to write to me or send me a note , and i will try to help or advice you as i can  


Fuck your rules , if you want to learn something else about me , just ask , i don't bite (often)